How to spend a vacation in Thailand?

Bangkok, Thailand
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Thinking of a trip to Thailand, each of us presents amazing landscapes of sandy beaches and the vast ocean, exotic tropical fruits, rich flora and fauna, Thai cuisine, interesting traditions and customs. And right, I must say, we think ...

Thailand is an amazing and one of the most popular with tourists from all over the world in Southeast Asia, which is located in the southwestern part of the Indochina peninsula and in the northern part of the Malacca peninsula. But if we talk only about elephants, monkeys and the jungle, then there will be a completely incomplete picture. Thailand is a country of very beautiful Buddhist temples with many sculptural ensembles, unique monuments of ancient culture and an amazing underwater world. Thailand is also called the "land of smiles", as the locals, hospitable, cheerful and helpful, are always welcome tourists.

By the way, Thailand is a kingdom! And there is a king.

The pride of Thailand is National Parks, of which there are more than one hundred in the country, including more than twenty marine ones. It is also worth noting that this number is constantly growing. And if we talk about the famous Thai cuisine, massage, the local variety of boxing, it will become quite interesting. By the way, the kingdom of Thailand is always very welcoming, hospitable and cheerful locals, which is why it is also called the "land of smiles", which gives additional confidence to the traveler when preparing for a vacation in this distant uncharted Asian country.

When to go on vacation to Thailand?

In Thailand, it is considered to be three main seasons: hot, cool and the rainy season. The most comfortable of them for tourists is the cool season, which lasts from November to February. The hot and cloudless season, which is characterized by high air temperature and fairly high humidity, lasts in Thailand from March to May, and the rainy season (or non-season) lasts from June to October. It is also worth noting that the largest number of heavy tropical rains occur in August and September.

Choosing a specific time to travel to Thailand is quite difficult, as the weather here is variable in both dry and rainy periods. In general, here's how lucky. You can sunbathe in Thailand in cloudless and cloudy weather as the sun is very active. This, incidentally, is suitable for those tourists who do not tolerate the heat.

The flight to Thailand is quite long and exhausting, although, in principle, it all depends on the airline and the service offered during the flight.

Which city in Thailand to choose for a vacation?

The question, of course, is interesting, but the answer is quite simple. Most prefer the resort of Pattaya - a city of entertainment for every taste, age and wallet. Many travelers who like to try “new” food, appreciate the gastronomic focus of their holidays and choose countries with unique cuisine. For them, this Thai city also has places where you can turn around and relax in full ...

The city of Chiang Mai is considered the cultural capital of Thailand. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the country with a milder climate. Bangkok is simply the capital of Thailand and that’s it. It is also called the city of angels.

In all major cities of Thailand there are many modern hotels, shops, and, of course, many different tourist excursions, as well as rental companies for scooters, mopeds, maxi scooters, tricycles, motorcycles, cars and other types of transport. Renting a scooter or motorcycle in Thailand is quite easy and fast - you only need money and a driver’s license (and that’s not everywhere ...).

What to do after arriving in Thailand?

So, you have arrived in Thailand. The first day after a hard flight and a trip to the hotel, of course, will be lost. This is also very tiring because the climate is very different from the European one. Choose a hotel near the beach, shops, cafes, even if you do not see four or five stars when checking in. The main thing is to have air conditioning and a refrigerator! The bed also matters, especially if there are two of you!

Be sure to determine the currency. If you have not changed money at the airport, then you can buy local Thai baht in any city, since there are a lot of exchange offices.

Food in Thai cities is the most diverse. There is everything except kefir and ryazhenka. A local tour operator will connect you to mobile communications as a gift or connect for a nominal fee. Call rates are approximately the same, about 8 baht/min, but you can use the Internet or WiFi and make free calls through Viber, WhatsApp or Skype.

The next day.

In the morning, together with the hotel guide or using the Internet, write down the obligatory places to visit and excursions every day for the whole rest. Try not to leave free days, especially if the tour is only 10 days. Try not to get lost if you want to walk around the city. This is especially the case in the evenings. In the cities of Thailand, Tuk Tuk public transport is common - an open pickup truck with two rows of benches. It has routes, but there is no schedule, and the driver can turn his car into a taxi for a fee. Traffic in Thailand is left-hand, but they don’t care about pedestrians - they constantly signal, and even motorbikers snoop around and can easily grab a bag from their hands.

How to get to a place is better to ask people you know, or at least understand, as local guides do not explain well. Yes, this is understandable. Street signs and especially house numbers are very few or missing at all, you will not navigate on the map. But even if you get lost, don’t worry, the locals will be happy to tell you the way or even get to your hotel.

Now about excursions in Thailand.

A two-day trip to the north of Thailand - 5 hours by bus one way from Pattaya to the Kwai River, and back by water. What's interestnig?

Snake farm. If you have weak nerves, then this tour and similar events better not to attend. You will find a rather scary and sometimes terrible show with snakes: cobras, boas, pythons and many others. And how nice to hold a snake around his neck. Be sure to take the camera and a few batteries! Also here you can watch the Show with elephants. What these huge, smart and trained animals just don't do.

Be sure to take a picture with an adult tiger or crocodile. This is not dangerous, well, or almost not dangerous!

Be sure to buy pure coconut body oil. This is a great thing, it moisturizes the skin perfectly, and the tan lays evenly, soothes burns. And what shampoo and hair mask on herbs - just can not describe. Take a swimsuit with you, otherwise you will have to stand under the waterfalls on the way back and swim naked in the river.

By the way, in Thailand water excursions are very common and wonderful. Tourists from boats are transferred to ordinary rafts, and after a while it becomes scary, interesting and fascinating.

In the evening, you can try an even more exciting vacation at the hotel on the rafts. This is such a series of long rafts, and they have completely identical numbers - bungalows. All made of wood and bamboo, audibility is better than in the fresh air. Especially for newlyweds. Its uniqueness is that there is completely no electricity. There is a lot of lighting, but only with kerosene lamps. In general, it is super!

And then a visit to the next souvenir shop, which presents a lot of tinctures on scorpions and alcohol, and some other herbs. Here you can thoroughly "heal." After such a long excursion you need some time to recover! Fortunately, you can lie around the pool before lunch.

Now about the nature of Thailand.

It is impossible not to say about the local stunning tropical greenery. Everywhere a huge number of diverse plants grow, which come to life, stretch to the sun, blossom and smell. Orchids, like dandelions, literally at every step, bananas, coconuts and other strange fruits hang everywhere ...

One of the days of rest can be spent on a remote "uninhabited" island. Tanning and swimming in clear, turquoise water and white fine sand. The tan is amazing thanks to coconut oil. As a rule, there, right on the shore, a log is hung from a palm tree - a kind of swing, and there is a small bungalow or an abandoned house nearby. It’s great to swim, spread oil and dry, swaying in the shade. The territory of each island is unique: jungle, ponds with carp, waterfalls, wooden bridges, caves and much more. Indescribable beauty!!!

The north of Thailand is amazing, with its amazing culture and lifestyle of the ancient peoples of Karen, Monov, Lisu, Akha. Here, in the mountainous region, there is a huge variety of national parks in the province of Mae Hong Son.

And of course, the Pattaya Botanical Garden of tropical plants and orchids is just awesome! The territory is huge, unique flora, indescribable beauty!

Now about the main thing.

A visit to a jewelry center in Thailand is simply a must for every woman, and men also have something to see and buy. Sapphires are mined in Thailand and neighboring Burma, so the prices here are quite low, so to speak from the manufacturer. Also in Thailand, jade and many precious stones are mined, including silver. In addition, tourists will be pleased with the low prices for perfumes.
Image by Engin_Akyurt from Pixabay
Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay


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