Barcelona: Popular Tourist Routes

Barcelona, Spain
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Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities not only in Spain, but in the whole Europe. Founded in the 3rd century BC, the city keeps the history of many peoples inhabiting it. This is the Romans, Goths, Moors, Franks. The capital of Catalonia is unique in its appearance and atmosphere reigning in the city. There is a place for preserved medieval buildings and for Gaudi’s fanciful projects. No wonder tourists visiting Spain, tend to go there first. In turn, the Catalans are always welcome guests, and in Barcelona itself for tourists presented a huge number of interesting and unique places, attractions, as well as organized a lot of entertainment and events. Life in Barcelona is in full swing until morning.

Sagrada La Familia Temple

The Temple of the Holy Family is undoubtedly the main attraction and symbol of Barcelona. The cathedral was built according to the idea of ​​an extraordinary architect Antonio Gaudi, who became famous for his futuristic buildings. Until today, the temple is not built until the end, its construction continues on fees from donations of all comers. To inspect the temple itself, to admire the quaint architecture and views of the city from the bell tower, you will have to defend a rather big queue of other people.

Rambla street

This pedestrian avenue separates the old city center from the business center Raval. Even before the tourists, this street was chosen by the locals. It was here that they liked gathering, walking, sitting in small cozy cafes. Now you can’t meet locals on the Rambla, the tourists literally occupied the street. For their leisure time there are performances by street musicians and circus performers, and the number of cafes and food stalls has increased significantly.

Mila House

Another masterpiece created by Antonio Gaudi. This house he built on the order of the family of Mila, who planned to rent apartments in it. Now people really live in the house, but only on the first floors. The last floors are reserved for the museum of creativity of the eminent architect. The house seems to be living its own life and as if floating in the air. This effect is achieved with the help of smooth lines and bends. In this structure, sharp corners are completely absent.

Spanish village

This complex of structures was created specifically for the 1929 World's Fair. The complex is a sample of ancient Spanish houses from Andalusia, La Mancha, Galicia, Asturias. The townspeople liked the complex so much that, at their request, the city authorities decided to leave the exhibition forever. Now tourists can stroll through the village, enjoy the views of ancient Spanish architecture, as well as sit in cozy cafes and buy souvenirs.

Gothic Quarter

A whole quarter of old buildings in the Gothic style. Here everything gives the spirit of the Middle Ages. Narrow winding streets, old stone houses. There are many bars on the first floors of the buildings, so life in the quarter is in full swing after midnight. Just enjoy the architecture without any noise will only come by visiting the quarter in the early morning.

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