Top 12 sights of Spain

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Spain is a country with a deep history; tourists are offered a choice of entertainment to every taste. You can take a tour of the cities of the country and admire the ancient architecture, and you can bask on the beautiful Spanish beaches in the rays of the bright sun. What is worth a visit to a tourist in Spain?

1. Cathedral Sagrada Familia. One of the most beautiful temples in the world is located in Barcelona. This masterpiece of architectural art was begun by Antonio Gaudi in 1882. The construction is not finished to this day, since the cathedral is built only on donations. The cathedral was built in the style of modern and neo-gothic.

2. Royal Palace in Madrid. This palace is one of the most beautiful palaces in Europe. Its construction began in 1738 and finished in 1764. The palace is the modern residence of the kings of Spain. Superbly decorated halls are striking in their luxury - in the palace there are a large number of works of art. The collection of ancient weapons and violins of the Stradivarius is also magnificent.

3. The aqueduct in Segovia. A chic piece of ancient Roman architecture. This aqueduct has a length of 28 meters and a height of 728 meters, it is the longest of the old drainage facilities in Europe. Stopped being used only in 1997. At its production the fastening solution was not used, the blocks were ideally fitted to each other.

4. Madrid. The whole city is filled with non-optimized aura, the traveler plunges into the world of noisy entertainment and quiet walks. The city has many interesting cafes and restaurants, parks and a museum. Especially unforgettable are walks in Madrid at night: with the onset of darkness, the city has a second life.

5. Ibiza Island. Expensive resort island. Here you can meet a lot of celebrities. The island has a well developed infrastructure. You can catch a wonderful pastime on the beaches and cafes, you can go to expensive clubs and restaurants, and you can visit the museum and the ancient fortress of Muslims.

6. Costa Brava. It begins near the French border, a favorite resort destination for divers and mountaineering enthusiasts. In Costa Brava, a large number of quiet bays with a beautiful beach, there are a lot of places for solitude.

7. Loro Park. Animal lovers should visit the island of Tenerife. There are gorgeous zoos with rare animals, and the largest collection of parrots in the world. There is a large aquarium and shows with dolphins. The botanical garden on the island is famous for its collection of orchids.

8. Canary Islands. Another famous tourist complex. The wonderful climate contributes to year-round visits to tourists from around the world. There are beautiful beaches with different sand. Animal lovers will love the national parks in the islands. You can visit the active volcano Teide, as well as the pyramids of Güímar.

9. Cave of Altamira. The cave is located just 30 kilometers from the city of Santander. The vaults of the cave have preserved to this day traces of ancient rock painting of the Paleolithic era. The cave itself is also striking in its beauty and natural architecture.

10. The National Prado Museum. Located in Madrid. The first exhibits of the museum began to collect Charles V. At the moment, the fund of the museum contains more than 8000 paintings by various masters. In addition to the paintings in the museum there are many other interesting masterpieces of world history.

11. Castle Alcazar in Toledo. It is one of the most beautiful castles in Spain. The castle during its long history was destroyed several times and burned to the ground almost to the ground, but the ancient masters restored it over and over again. At one time, the castle served as a defensive fortress, later a prison, and at one time was even the residence of kings. Now the castle turned into a museum of the army and is open to tourists.

12. City of Ronda. The peculiarity of this ancient city is its location - on the edge of a steep hill and seems to have hovered over a precipice. The ancient bullring is worth a visit in the city. The local museums contain magnificent collections of ancient weapons and armor.

Spain is an amazing country with centuries-old stories. The architecture of Spain is very diverse and is represented by a large number of ancient cathedrals and temples. The streets of Spanish cities are always filled with people, and especially they are filled during football matches and bullfights. If you have the opportunity to go abroad - go to Spain!

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