The magic island of Madeira

Madeira, Portugal
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Madeira is a combination of massive mountains, endless forests, breathtaking views, the ocean and a sense of harmony. Madeira is a choke from the seen beauty, from the mad excess of emotions. This is a dense white carpet of clouds covering the mountains of the island.

A brief history of the discovery of Madeira Island

Despite the fact that the island is closer to the African mainland, and more precisely off the coast of West Africa. Madeira Island is a European land since it was discovered in 1419 by Portuguese sailors, who at that time actively explored the shores of West Africa. Fleeing from a severe storm, they first landed on the island of Porto Santo. Seeing the beauty of the open island, the sailors went to explore the area. Not far from Porto Santo, the sailors saw a black strip densely covered with fog, which looked like an immobilized cloud. Once closer, travelers discovered the island, it was completely covered with greenery, mighty trees. Seen and prompted travelers to the name of the island - Madeira, which is translated from Portuguese as a tree, forest, wood.

Climate of Madeira Island

Madeira spring island. All year round, it keeps air temperature from 15 to 22 ° C. In Madeira it is not very cold in winter or very hot in summer, there is always spring. From November to April, there is not a tourist season, at this time there are frequent showers. But in the summertime, you can enjoy swimming in the Atlantic Ocean, it warms up to a comfortable +22 ° C.

How to get to Madeira Island?

There are direct flights from some countries to the city of Funchal, the capital of Madeira. Yes, there is an airport on this small island. True, it is considered the most dangerous in the world: the pilot must instantly change direction, and at the last moment land the plane. The main thing to forget about this fact during the flight, then everything will go fine. Most tourists get to the island from the city of Lisbon, Portugal.

Here are the main options for getting to Madeira Island from Lisbon:

• By plane.
• Car and ferry.
• By train, car (taxi), ferry.
• By bus, on foot, by ferry.

What to do, what to see on the island of Madeira?

The mountains, steep cliffs, green slopes, huge waves are densely forested - this beauty attracts the attention of all outdoor enthusiasts. The ocean gives surf lovers simply huge waves that attract both experienced professionals and amateurs. On the island, for all conquerors of the waves, surfing schools are open. Teach in schools experienced, certified teachers, people who have conquered more than one hundred huge and powerful waves.

Hiking on mountain trails. A huge part of tourists trample more than one pair of trekking shoes on such trails. The beauty of nature does not allow you to relax near the pool in the hotel, this is not real! After all, looking at the beauty of forests and mountains, tourists are magnetically drawn into their midst. The most active routes that you can go on foot or by funicular: Cape Cabo Girau and Pico do Arieiro. But if you have the strength and endurance, you can conquer the highest mountain of the island, Pico Ruiva, get the opportunity to see the whole of Madeira. The main thing is that the mountains are not covered by dense fog. Although this natural feature will not spoil the impression, it will be possible to be above the clouds.

Madeira is not rich only in nature. All the cities of the island have different attractions, and also in Madeira you can visit museums, cathedrals, churches, a lot of sculptures, monuments. In addition, Madeira is famous for its festivals, which are densely filled throughout the summer period:

• The Atlantic Festival takes place on the island every Saturday in June. Tourists can observe how from eleven points fireworks are launched at one time.
• Jazz festival. These are open-air concerts of parks and gardens where both experienced and novice musicians play.
• Rally Madeira. In the mountains of Madeira there are international auto racing.
• Kamach Art Festival. Festival of local traditions with all the ensuing events.
• Funchal music fest. Festival for local groups.
• Feast of the Assumption of the Virgin. The brightest religious holiday of the island.
• Wine festival. Festival in honor of the local, but world famous Madeira drink.
• Columbus Festival. In honor of the geographer Christopher Columbus, who lived in Madeira from 1476-1485.

You can write for a long time about the island of Madeira, it is wonderful, magical, endearing for centuries. But it’s better to see him and suffocate from emotions! Madeira, an island with incredible beauty of nature, which is not possible to get enough!
Image by Frank Nurnberger from Pixabay
Image by Michael Roebbers from Pixabay

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