The fascinating features of the city of Porto

Porto, Portugal
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The Portuguese city of Porto became famous for the fact that it was in it that the Portuguese language was born and the world-famous port appeared. Porto is the second largest city in Portugal. But, the main thing is not the size, but so that you can have a good rest in it. And this city will be able to help you like no other.

The port belongs to the title of one of the most ancient cities in Europe since it was already 1133 years old. However, every year it becomes more and more beautiful. All these frayed facades, ancient tiled roofs, and magnificent bridges - give the city a special charm and romance.

Ponti de Don Luis Iron Bridge in Porto

This is a 3 thousand ton, 375 meter metal structure made by the design of Gustav Eiffel, the father of the famous Eiffel Tower. As planned by the engineers, the bridge has 2 levels. On the top - trains run, on the bottom - cars. And both are open to pedestrians. Walking along the bridge, you experience wonderful emotions, and moreover, an excellent view of the city opens up.

Local landmark - Clerigos Tower

One of the iconic buildings of the city is the Clerihos Tower. She is very beautiful, especially her front part. Initially, the 75-meter tower was built as a Catholic church, but due to its height, it began to serve as a lighthouse for guests and residents of the city. You can easily navigate this building, because it can be seen from anywhere in the city.

The tradition of decorating houses in Porto. Material Bank

The main feature of Porto, and indeed of Portugal as a whole, is the houses, which are trimmed with colorful tiles - Azulejo tiles. This is a national treasure of Portugal, it looks just amazing. This tradition is more than 600 years old. In addition to decorative, these tiles also perform a practical function, protect the walls of houses from mold. Residents are so careful about them that they built a unique bank for second-hand tiles - a bank of Materials. For tourists, this is an interesting place where you can view them for free. It stores tiles of different centuries. For locals, this is also a place for new stuff. After all, this bank stores tiles of people who, having taken apart their houses, bring them here. But to get at least one tile, you need to bring the project of your home, and nothing else. And then, all this is completely free.

Miramar Coast

It is washed by the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The local storms are so strong and destructive that to calm them, here, 300 years ago, the chapel of Senor da Pedro was built, which in translation is “the lord of the stone”. There is a legend that the chapel itself was erected on a magic stone, which surprisingly radiated light, thereby saving the sailors who got in a storm. Now the chapel does not emit light, but is considered a place of power. And if a tourist, sitting near it, has a chance to watch the sunset - you can experience real pleasure. This spectacle simply fascinates with its beauty and romance of the moment.

Acquaintance with Porto, as if tasting a good port. It likes everything: color, aroma, and aftertaste. But the main thing is the desire to return and try again.
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