Mexico little-known sights that attract tourists

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Mexico is known all over the world as a country where scientific and technological progress is being made at very rapid pace, which for a moment does not leave the echoes of the past alone.

Copper Canyon and Palenque

The Copper Canyon includes many canyons closer to the southwestern part of Chihuahua. Compared with the closest creation of nature in the United States, this canyon is larger and deeper. There are several ways to explore the canyon system, but the most popular one is simply to use the services of the local Chihuahua Al Pacifico railway, because it lies at an altitude of almost two and a half kilometers above sea level and crosses 37 bridges and 86 tunnels of different lengths. In this case, the Copper Canyon will be in full view with its cosmic landscape.

Impressed by the visit to the Copper Canyon, it is an excellent idea to visit the famous monument of history and archeology, thanks to which we know about the city of Maya, which was built in the 6th century AD and was abandoned after 4 centuries due to the invasion of wild tribes that came from the Gulf of Mexico . The current location of the fragments of ancient civilization is the modern state of Chiapas.

The ruins of Native American cities attract tourists with mysterious witchcraft magnetism. It was Palenque, many centuries ago, that was the very center of Maya civilization. Tombs, temples, housing of ordinary people of that time and a huge palace with all the attributes of the art of ancient civilization. It is not surprising that the main theme of sculptures, murals and decorative elements of that time is the image of the ruler.

Guadalajara and Malinalco

The medieval charm of Guadalajara has no boundaries. For history buffs, there is a historical center with colonial buildings of the 17th century, where nowadays cafes and hotels are located. Closer to the geographical center, trendy modern restaurants and nightlife. Guadalajara is conditionally cut into squares into certain degrees of the city, where life flies by quickly, at least does not lag behind the world, but for tourists it is slow enough to enjoy the possibilities of a beautiful city.

A vibrant city can be replaced by a philosophical place in which peace and inner harmony reign. Monument to archeology among the explosive forests and faceless rocks - Malinalco on Mount Idols. The most interesting object is the House of Eagles, a building carved in the mountains. The temple belonged to the religious military orders of the Eagle and the Jaguar - the Aztec elite.

Description of the sights of Mexico that attract tourists can be infinite. It is much better to visit there at least once in your life, because for Europeans this is a completely different mysterious civilization.
Image by aiworldexplore from Pixabay
Image by Kevin Alexandro Reyes Casillas from Pixabay


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