6 main attractions of Mexico

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Mexico is a very unconventional vacation spot located in North America. It has everything: beautiful and calm beaches, stormy night parties, interesting excursions, as well as cultural and historical monuments. Mexico has many interesting places and popular attractions, but there are places that every tourist who comes to this unique country should visit:

1. Chichen Itza.
2. Mexican waterfalls.
3. The underwater museum.
4. Thermal springs Pamukkale.
5. The Copper Canyon.
6. Cacauamilpa Cave Park.

Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza is the former capital of the Mayan tribe located on the island of Yucatan. It was founded in the 5-6th century BC, and destroyed in the 12th century. Despite the destruction, Chichen Itza was able to preserve well, and become a popular destination for tourist excursions.

Its most famous building is the Kukulkan sanctuary. It is a huge 30-meter pyramid, which can be climbed from four sides. You have to overcome the huge stairs, on which 365 steps. Chichen Itza has several temples dedicated to Mayan warriors and the history of the city.

Mexican waterfalls

In Mexico, there are many waterfalls that fascinate with their beauty. Basaseachi is the largest, its height is 246 meters. In addition to it, Agua Azul and Misol-Ha, which are next to each other in Chiapas County, are very popular.

Tourists most like the "Christmas tree". The shape of its inner rock resembles Christmas tree branches. Moss, which covered almost the entire area of ​​the stone, gives the waterfall a greenish tint, so it got its name.

Underwater museum

Of all the underwater museums, the one located in Mexico is considered the largest. It is located next to the small island of Mujeres, but not on land, but under water, at a depth of 10 meters. 400 thousand dollars were allocated for the construction of the museum. Over the 10 years of its existence, the museum was able to collect more than 400 unique compositions.


The thermal springs located in Yerev-el-Agua have always been attracted by their extraordinary beauty. To get to them is not easy, but the reward is worth it. The local water is completely saturated with useful minerals, which is why it is considered healing. You can get healthy and enjoy the gorgeous mountain scenery at the same time.

Copper canyon

A unique natural attraction located in Chihuahua County. The canyon can be reached on a trip that departs from Mexico City, but will have to travel 655 kilometers. The depth of the canyon is 1500 meters, but sometimes it is more than in the American Grand Canyon, which is 4 times less than the Mexican. Inside are huge waterfalls and hot springs. In the cold season, the slopes are covered with snow, and the gorge is overgrown with greenery, which is associated with a huge temperature difference.

Cakaumilpa Cave Park

A huge cave complex with an area of ​​27 square kilometers, which is located near the river Usumasinta. There are about 100 caves in the park, 20 of which are fully explored. The average height of each: 70-80 meters, and a width of about 40. The Kakaumilpa Grottoes are an ideal holiday for rock climbing enthusiasts. Tourists who prefer a relaxing and cozy holiday should go to the Concert Hall, where you can enjoy amazing live music.

Mexico is an amazing country which resorts can surprise even the most demanding tourist. It is striking in its diversity, here you can relax on the beach, rock climbing on a huge cave grotto, explore the flora and fauna of the islands, as well as go to a huge temple. Mexico will never get boring, because even after several years of relaxation in this country, a person will be able to find something new and amazing.
Image by Walkerssk from Pixabay
Image by Darvin Santos from Pixabay

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