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Limassol, Cyprus
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Cyprus is the third largest and most populated island in the Mediterranean, which is divided between two countries - the southern Greek Republic of Cyprus with a predominantly Greek population and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Its length is about 230 km and about 80 km wide.

Nowadays, not only beach holidays are popular in Cyprus, but also active and even extreme types of recreation. Enduro moto tours in various places on the island of Cyprus are one of such entertainment. Trips on tourist enduro motorcycles in Cyprus are a variety of unique and unforgettable travel on the "off-road" motorcycles on the most secluded, hidden from human eyes places of this picturesque island in the Mediterranean. Most of the moto routes pass through a pristine uninhabited territory with a unique nature and landscape, which gives them a special status.

For extreme and active leisure enthusiasts we offer to visit our excursion tours on enduro motorcycles in the most beautiful places of Limassol.

We offer you unforgettable off-road adventures on enduro motorcycles, which are designed for drivers of any level, from beginners to professionals. We have the latest KTM and Husqvarna motorcycles, supplied and serviced by KTM Cyprus.

Our main guide during the enduro mototurov in Limassol is Andreas Ioannou (team 23), who since the age of 5 has participated in the MX and Enduro motocross championship of Cyprus. He and his fellow guides will be happy to take you both on the standard motorcycle routes already planned, as well as individual moto tours, which you can choose together with our guides.

Coming with us on enduro moto tours around Cyprus, you can enjoy all the beauties of the local nature and ride on various types of off-road landscapes that exist on the island of Cyprus.

Stops for swimming, soft drinks or lunch are available on request.

Duration: 5 or 7 hours.
On the way, waiting for you: breaks for mini-picnics, memorable photos and video shooting of beautiful places, swimming, relaxation, sunbathing and much more ...
What to take along: sunglasses, money for lunch, cameras. For drivers - driving license !
Enduro moto tour costs:
150 euros/per. - 5 hours
185 euros/per. - 7 hours

The price includes: rent a motorcycle, fuel, helmets and insurance.

Sightseeing tours on enduro motorcycles in Limassol are available daily.

* Routes may be changed or canceled due to weather or seasonal changes

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