White Buddhist Temple is a modern attraction of Thailand

Chiang Rai, Thailand
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White temple Wat Rong Khun is located in the northern region of Thailand near the Thai city of Chiang Rai, in a place called Amphuar, and is one of the most unusual Buddhist temples in the world. This is perhaps the most famous temple in Thailand and the main attraction of the northern Thai city of Chiang Rai. It is also worth noting that the name of the temple was adapted for easy reading and pronunciation by foreigners.

Thailand is one of the most exotic and unforgettable corners of the globe. They live here not only according to secular laws, but also honor strict Buddhist morality, and in all its concepts and manifestations. Moreover, all over the world this religion is revered not only as faith, but also as a philosophy of life.

Throughout its long life, the Kingdom of Thailand has gained fame as an exotic, hospitable and diverse country of smiles and relaxation. Here people, despite excessive superstition, are very hospitable, friendly and smiling. To this day, the inhabitants of Thailand, before starting any business, or maybe before a significant event in their life, bring an offering to the temples, which are located almost in the courtyard of each house. In difficult life situations, residents go for advice to monks in temples and monasteries, even if it is just a cleansing of their souls from any sorrow and temptations. Buddha in the country is so sacred and revered that it is impossible to buy even the smallest statue, since using money is considered an insult and a terrible sin. Monks are usually presented with gifts in the form of fruits and all kinds of food. In the monasteries and Buddhist temples you can’t take any photographs, and in the country's educational system, along with secular objects, a huge amount of children are taught Buddha’s teachings, as well as legends and myths related to his earthly life. The older generation teaches youth love, respect and reverence for all human norms. That is why the people of Thailand, generation after generation, connect their worldly life with Drachma.

A huge number of ancient and recently erected temples, monasteries and other shrines have been built throughout the kingdom of Thailand. There is not a single religious place where the manifestation of care and love for ancestors and life values ​​would not be visible. So the White Buddhist temple Wat Rong Khun has become one of the most revered and popular places in Thailand. Despite the fact that the temple was built relatively recently, it could become the most famous in the country and, perhaps, throughout the world. All this is due to its unusual appearance. Many travelers, seeing the image of the white temple Wat Rong Khun in the photo, are eager to visit and see this miracle with their own eyes.

Wat Rong Khun Temple Complex was built in 1997. Its creator is the famous surrealist artist Chalemchay Kassitpipatu from Asia. This temple is his main dream, the realization of which was spent twenty years. This person is a deeply faithful follower of the path of Drachma and that is why his work carries the teachings of Buddha.

The temple Wat Rang Khung is in the northern province of Thailand, five kilometers south of the town of Chiang Rai. From the very early morning, many people want to enter the territory of this unique temple. The first thing that attracts tourists is the stunning appearance of a completely white temple. At dawn or sunset, it transforms and shimmers with a riot of colors, as if Buddha were blessing this place.

The whole complex would be conceived and built on the basis of the philosophy of Buddha, as well as myths and legends about him. All visitors entering the territory of the temple are met by a path in the form of a wheel of life, which a person has to go through, meeting many temptations and difficult paths of life on his way. Despite all the hardships and difficulties, it is necessary to adequately go through everything that the higher powers send to the share of each of the people.

Then, after passing the wheel of life, according to Buddhist philosophy, you need to master the infernal abyss. In this temple complex, the road of life leads visitors to the Hell Trail. Passing through it, you can see many stretching hands of sinners who are trying to pull the traveler into hell. Ahead, visitors will find no less stunning, ominous form in the form of fangs of a demon snake named Rahu. All this is intended to remind a person what awaits them, if living in the world, to commit disgusting acts and sin. But after going along the hellish path, a true believer, who has acknowledged their mistakes and repented, finds himself on the bridge of Enlightenment. On this bridge in the temple complex of tourists mythological creatures meet, accompanying them to the ultimate goal - the White Temple. It personifies the integrity of the Buddha, through which he reached Nirvana.

The temple of Wat Rong Khun itself is absolutely white with carved, openwork architecture, diluted with mirror fragments that create a stunning reflection of color. On the roof of the temple settled the statues of four animals, symbolizing the elements of the universe:

- elephant - firmly standing on the ground,
- a swan that hovers in the sky and with its wings brings wind to the earth,
- a snake (naga), frozen above the water,
- a lion with a huge fiery mane.

Inside the white temple of Wat Rong Khun, you can see only a lonely Buddhist altar, where, while meditating, a rather realistic monk froze. On the walls are drawings of the author of the complex, which depict the eternal struggle between good and evil. You can even see images of modern superheroes on them: Batman once again saves someone from the clutches of the villain, but Spider-Man flies to help on his web, oh, and here Superman is vigilantly looking into the distance, looking for if anyone needs help ... The artist is still painting on the walls, so the next time he arrives there is an opportunity to see new events taking place on earth.

Walking around this complex, you can relax on a bench by the fish pond and admire the dragon, which is located in the middle of the pond and spews water instead of a flame. You can also sit in a beautiful carved gazebo and admire the mythological creatures that are located everywhere. Each of these statues, or fez, has its own meaning, its purpose. A variety of masks are hanging on the trees, amusing the visitors. One can only guess what sense the author put into all his works. The territory of the temple is still under construction and according to the plan of the master, several more buildings are to be built here. At the moment, there are three buildings on the territory of the complex: the first is the white Buddhist Temple itself, the second is an art gallery consisting of the works of the owner, and the third is gold, looking like a mini palace, but in fact, it turns out to be a public toilet.

The white Buddhist temple Wat Rong Khun is a unique modern landmark of northern Thailand, which is really worth visiting.

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