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Pattaya, Thailand
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Pros and cons of resting in Pattaya, Thailand. After a vacation in Thailand, I decided to write my review about the rest in Pattaya. Having read a lot of flattering reviews with such headings before the trip - “Tai is a paradise” or “We fell in love with Thailand forever”, I got the impression that everything is really beautiful and wonderful there. Having been in Thai city of Pattaya, I was very surprised by these reviews. Of course, this is my purely subjective opinion, and while relaxing in any country, you can find positive and negative moments everywhere. In this review about vacation in Pattaya I will try to objectively describe those moments that I liked and vice versa.

Positive points.

The main advantage of the city of Pattaya and, perhaps, the whole of Thailand, I consider the opportunity to make many interesting, exotic excursions and visit many diverse and unique attractions. In this regard, the city of Pattaya in first place among all resorts in Thailand. Resting for twelve days or more, you can make a variety of excursions every day, from island tours to visits to unique transvestite shows.

Prices are quite low, since one Thai buht is approximately equal to one Russian ruble. You can eat in a "Russified" cafe for 200 - 300 baht. If such an element of relaxation as shopping is important to you, then rest in Pattaya is for you. Massage. Thai massage is something special. It is rightly said that this is yoga for the lazy one. Quality depends on the massage therapist, both men and women do massage. For me, massage was a real test, apparently very strong, "meat has grown to bone." As the Thais say, "a little pain is good."

Thai cuisine is worth a try, only without local spicy seasonings, which Thais get used to from the age of three. A lot of fruits, more than 30 species, though not all of them are sweet, since they really ripen in the hot season only. Delicious seafood, delicious pastries - what is interesting is not from wheat, which does not grow here at all.

What can be attributed to the minuses?

Probably the most important minus is the lack of normal beaches. A narrow strip of sand next to the road - that's the whole beach. Not to mention the cleanliness of the sea and endless merchants roaming the beaches. Getting to the nearest islands is the time spending every day on the road - it’s just not practical. Pattaya city public transport. It is simply does not exist there. Rides on local "tuk - tuk" is an unpleasant pleasure. For example, to get from one area to another, you need to make three transfers. Or use a taxi, which will be much more expensive.

The climate of Thailand. It can be described with one good Russian word - a bath. You go out to the balcony early in the morning, waiting for the coolness so familiar to our people, and you find yourself. . . in the bath. Neither wind nor rain brings coolness, it is always stuffy and very humid. And this is in the season called cool ... With children, especially young, there is nothing to do here - the city of Pattaya is not for them. Here you will not find a huge number of animations and entertainments like in Turkey. Heat and unusual food can cause children to vomit and feel unwell, which on vacation will be completely useless. That's probably all the most of the cons of the rest in Pattaya. If you pay attention also to the little things - then it is better not to go anywhere at all.

Here is such, in short, a review about the rest in Pattaya. Pros and cons are equal. The country is amazing for its character, its way of life, its shrines. Should you go there on vacation - decide yourself. My opinion is that it’s worth a ride, but it’s unnecessary to imagine that there is an “extraterrestrial paradise”.
Image by zephyz from Pixabay

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