Holidays in Sri Lanka

Colombo, Sri Lanka
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The right to be called a treasure of the Indian Ocean belongs to the most beautiful country in the South Asian region - Sri Lanka, which is located on the eponymous island on the southeastern coast of Hindustan. The official name of the state is the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. Translated from Sanskrit, Sri Lanka means "glorious, blessed land."

Today, the magnificent Ceylon tea varieties grown on this island, which from the time of the Portuguese invasion until 1972 in the European languages ​​was called Ceylon (from the port of Ceilao), is world famous.

The time spent on the island of Sri Lanka cannot be forgotten thanks to the impressions of the view of the diverse picturesque vegetation, beautiful golden beaches, the opportunity to swim in perfectly clear water and the magnificent diversity of the underwater world.

Along the entire coast of Sri Lanka, there are leisure options for vacationers not only for lovers of sea fishing and diving fans, who can enjoy the stunning beauty of coral reefs and their diverse and unusual inhabitants, but also visit ships that have sunk in ancient times.

Many tourists vacationing in Sri Lanka prefer to travel on the river by canoe or rafting, but, recently, elephant hunting has become the most popular type of outdoor activity among tourists. The charm of this island nation can also be appreciated by flying over it in a helicopter or balloon.

The capital of Sri Lanka is the city of Colombo. There are many souvenir shops in which you can buy a variety of commemorative trinkets. The exhibits presented in the National Museum of the city are interesting to many vacationers. Not far from the capital city, only a few kilometers away, there is the opportunity to visit one of the most interesting zoos in the world and attend the performances of trained elephants.

You can get acquainted with the ancient level of cultural development and find out why Sri Lanka is the birthplace of Buddhism by visiting various monasteries, temples and shrines of the island.

Anuradhapura, preserving the memory of past centuries, is one of the cities included in the UNESCO cultural heritage list. Many believers visit this city in order to see the oldest tree in the world called Bo. In addition, you can visit seven dagobas (stupas), as well as the ruins of several monastery complexes.

Until the 19th century, the capital of Sri Lanka was the city of Kandy, in the center of which there is a lake, striking with its unique beauty. On the shore of the lake there is the temple of Dalada Maligawa, which preserved the Tooth of the Buddha - an outstanding and significant relic. Many manuscript books and statuettes of the Buddha, made of gold, crystal and other valuable materials, remained on the island. Taking a walk along the streets of Kandy, vacationers can watch the performances of Kandy dancers and skillful "swallowers of fire." Arriving in this city, you cannot but visit the beautiful Royal Botanical Garden.

A tremendous experience is provided to every tourist after an excursion to the ruins of the palace in Sigiriya. After going up 1200 steps, which are carved between the legs and jaw of a lion, visitors find themselves in an ancient city with unusual gardens and fountains. Currently, work is underway to restore the city.

Not far from Sigiriya is located a number of cave temples. In the most famous cave of Sri Lanka, water flows up the stones (!!!), and when it reaches the top, it falls into the golden bowl, which is located below. Monks come here when they want to meditate.

At the peak of Adam is another shrine. Believers of different religions make a difficult path up to the top of the mountain in order to kiss the sacred tracks. Buddhists believe that these traces were left by the Buddha himself, Muslims believe that here Adam first set foot on the earth, Indians worship the traces of Shiva, and Christians are absolutely convinced that these are traces of St. Thomas.

Great memories remain after a visit to the nursery, in which they feed young elephants growing without maternal care. In the nursery you can watch feeding and bathing elephants.

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