Puppet Island (Isla de las Munecas)

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23 kilometers from the capital the Mexico City there s one of the most popular, mysterious and creepy tourist destinations in the world. In English, its name translates as «Island of Puppets», and in Spanish it sounds like «Isla de las Munecas».

People who have never found information about this place should not live in the illusions that this is a wonderful world of childhood. Their expectations will not come true, because in fact the island is full of broken and disfigured dolls that hang on almost every tree, walls and buildings and are able to inspire horror in any person.

In the middle of the last century on this island you could meet one single inhabitant - in the future a doll collector who was forced to settle here after exile for preaching religious superstitions. This is Julian Santana Barrero, who was originally engaged in fishing, planted flowers and grown vegetables.

There are several versions of why Julian Santana Barrero began to engage in such an unusual and terrible thing. Some are convinced that he began to collect dolls for a reason ...

In 1950 (or 1951), the hermit witnessed a terrible event that left a deep mark in his soul, a girl drowned in the canal. Julian heard requests for help, but did not have time to help. At the scene of the tragedy, he found only a toy that he hung on a nearby tree as a tribute to the little drowned woman. After that, he was sure that now the girl would be calm, and he could get rid of the nightmares that began after this story. According to Julian, after the death of the child, he stopped sleeping soundly, he was regularly heard cries and groans, steps were heard nearby, the girl seemed to be asking for new toys for her. He continued to collect specimens from the canal for a strange collection, trying to "appease" the ghost, but the spirit was not about to disappear. Then the man began to break the dolls deliberately, being sure that this would help restrain the ghost.

But there is another version - at first the hermit led a normal life, but he was not against a good drink. This bad habit eventually became the cause of his strange ideas and “creepy collection”.

In the twentieth century, most Mexicans became aware of the amazing island, and journalists began to come here and shoot videos. From that moment, tourists from all over the world began to bring all kinds of plastic baby dolls to the island, thereby increasing the collection of Julian Barrero.

But the real glory came to the island only after the death of the ranger. The life of a kind of collector ended tragically in 2001 and, again, the cause of his death was not determined exactly: according to some sources, he died of heart failure, according to others - he drowned while intoxicated, and this happened not far from that place where he previously could not save a drowning girl. After that, the island of dolls was not deserted, and the nephew of the deceased, Anastasio Santana, began to look after it, turning it into a real landmark of Mexico.

The collection of baby dolls and dolls, gathered over the entire time, is amazing in its variety and quantity - in general, it has about 1000 all kinds of copies (!!!). However, time is merciless to this man-made attraction - toys covered with mold, cobwebs and moss, burned out in the sun, many lack arms or legs, and someone examines a tourist with empty eye sockets ...

Currently, island visitors have a tradition of lighting candles in front of dolls and leaving small gifts to the mysterious and terrible inhabitants of the island. And especially the fearless and impressionable travelers who ventured to stroll around the ominous island in the dark, claim that they clearly heard the whisper of dolls that lured them into the water channels ...

Island Address: Tepoztlan, Greater Cuernavaca, Oaxtepec / Lomas de Cocoyoc
Island coordinates: 19 ° 17'2 "N 99 ° 5'38" W


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