Beach resorts in Italy

Tourists go to Italy not only for the sake of exploring historical and cultural monuments, but also for the sandy, warm beaches.

1. Cagliari

The city is located on the island of Sardinia, which can boast of its originality, landscape and pedestrian areas in the wild. A measured and quiet way of life reigns in Cagliari, therefore, those tourists who are looking for silence come here.

On the territory of the city there are numerous attractions: among them is the centenary churches and dilapidated fortresses.

As for the beach area - the coastal sandy area stretches for 6 kilometers. In the spring and summer - this place literally comes to life, because not only foreign guests come here, but also Italians. The infrastructure in the southern part of the beach is best developed. There are a large number of cafes and restaurants, and in the evenings they organize nightly events. You can get to Cagliari from the mainland by plane or ferry.

2. Alghero

This resort city maintains a balance of modern technologies and old traditions. In Alghero for the guests of Italy cultural and historical areas, attractions, architectural ensembles, temples and monuments, and beach areas are available.

The coastal areas in this city belong to the state, so the entrance to the beaches is free. Among the sights created by nature, is to highlight the Neptune Cave. Along the coast, as well as in the city center, there is a wide selection of shops and cafes.

To get to Alghero from other parts of Italy is very easy, because the airport is located in the city. Also here you can come by bus or car from the nearest cities.

3. San Vito Lo Capo

On the island of Sicily in Italy, the small resort of San Vito do Capo is spread. He is considered a real gem of the island. Nobody is in a hurry, any hustle and bustle. Locals prefer a slow and measured lifestyle. Turmoil and stress are not known to anyone here. Therefore, tourists looking for silence, choose for themselves a holiday in this resort in Italy.

The beach in this city takes 3 kilometers. The order in this area is monitored not only by the police, but also by local residents. Therefore, the coastal zone and the sea is always clean. On the beaches, tourists can rent equipment for diving to the depth. Among vacationers, you can see many families with children: they choose such a beach holiday in Italy, because the city is completely safe, the sea is calm, and the depth increases gradually, you can also not worry about fast currents - they are not there.

4. Cattolica

Within 20 km from Rimini is the resort town of Cattolica. This place is perfect for those who want to relax in peace and tranquility, that is why there are many families with children. For tourists here built large shopping, sports and entertainment centers. The city has a well-developed infrastructure, cafes and restaurants are located on the streets, where guests of Italy can get acquainted with local cuisine and aromatic Sicilian wines. There aren't many cultural attractions in Cattolica, mostly people come here for a beach holiday in Italy.

5. Villasimius

A small village - the center of nightlife for young people. During the daytime, all young people go to the beach areas to bask on the sandy shores. The village is located on the island of Sardinia, so getting to this resort place is not so easy. Many coastal zones are specially protected from fast sea currents. The surrounding areas to Villasimius are considered reserved, therefore the locals here jealously protect nature. Due to the fact that this resort of Italy is built, as a rule, for cheerful young people, there are not so many cultural and historical monuments.

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