Sights of Cyprus

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Cyprus is a state completely located on the island. The territory of Cyprus was settled before our era and it is noteworthy that many archaeological excavations allowed the museums of the country to be filled with unique ancient objects and statues. Cyprus is rich in sights scattered throughout the island.

What to visit on the island of Cyprus?

People come to Cyprus primarily for the warm sea and the sun, but many tourists are interested in this region for its rich ancient history. Sights mandatory for viewing is better to choose, based on the resort city in which they stayed. It should also be noted that the distances between cities are small, compared with Russia. You can rent a car and if you have time, travel around the whole island. The fare on the roads of the Republic of Cyprus is not charged, but it is worth considering that the movement here is left-handed and in the beginning it will be quite unusual to drive a car. To the local movement usually one gets used on the second or the third day.

In order not to get tired of the road and enjoy plenty of visits to museums, national parks and ancient temples, you can alternate a beach holiday day with a day of sightseeing.

Popular places and attractions of the island of Cyprus.

If you make a rating of the most popular and rich in natural beauty attractions of the island of Cyprus, then the first place, many would have given to the ancient city of Paphos. There are many proposals for accommodation and this part of Cyprus is listed on the UNESCO list as the Treasure of World Civilization. Vacationers must visit the following places:

1 - Ruins of the ancient city of Nea Paphos
2 - Paphos Archaeological Park
3 - Adonis Bath
4 - Bath of Aphrodite
5 - Stone of Aphrodite
6 - Akamas Peninsula

The funniest and the most energetic resort is located in Ayia Napa, and the main attraction here is Nissi Beach with its turquoise waters. In this part of Cyprus, tourists also visit the mysterious sea grottoes, Cape Greco, the Tombs of Makronissos and the Venetian monastery.

The popular Cypriot cities of Paphos, Larnaca, Protaras, Limassol and Ayia Napa are also well known. Larnaca is well- known, because it is here the international airport is located, which welcomes tourists. Larnaca Quay is an ideal place for evening walks. Salt lakes will amaze with the breadth of white stripes and allow you to take interesting photos. It is noteworthy that the lakes dry up in the summer, but in the winter they are filled with water and meet pink flamingos. Protaras is a city loved by the Cypriots themselves. Many locals call it the best and choose it for its beautiful beaches and crystal clear water. On the road from Larnaca to the city of Limassol, you should visit the ancient ruins of the city Amathus. These ruins are among the ten cities in the states located in Cyprus. Remarkably, the ruins do not need to look behind the fence. It is allowed to walk on the remains of the city, inspecting the destroyed jars, bowls, plumbing, etc.

The capital of Cyprus - Nicosia attracts many tourists, even though it is not located on the coast. From the observation deck the border is visible, which divides the Republic into Eastern and Western parts. The eastern part belongs to the Turks. There is an audio guide on the observation deck, which will tell about the Cyprus conflict and help you see from a height the significant points of Nicosia. Of the attractions that are worth to visit, you can select the Cyprus Archaeological Museum. Exhibits found throughout the Republic are displayed in chronological order. In the center of the capital is the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, which is famous for its interior decoration. It is worth walking along the famous Ledra Street, which crosses both the Greek and the Turkish part of the city. This is a shopaholic paradise. There are many shops for every taste and wallet, as well as cafes and restaurants.

The Republic of Cyprus, indeed, is a rather interesting and diverse place for tourists, and the welcoming and friendly Cypriots will not leave anyone indifferent. Rest and explore the rich history of the island of Cyprus will bring a lot of unexpected discoveries, pleasant impressions and positive emotions.

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