The capital of Liberty Island - Havana

Havana, Cuba
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Havana is the main tourist center of Cuba, which is also the capital of the island of Liberty. This colorful, diverse and beautiful city with a rich history, traditions and customs, as well as many historical sights and cultural monuments, annually attracts a huge number of travelers and tourists from all over the world.


Havana is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, and the city recently celebrated its 500th anniversary, the celebration of which lasted several days. The capital is located in the northwest of the island of Cuba, its coastal zones are washed by the Gulf of Mexico. The area of ​​the city is 728 square km, the population is 1.5 million people. In Havana, the architecture of ancient buildings is adjacent to the most modern skyscrapers, and rare American and Soviet cars drive in the streets. Here you can watch an old woman smoking a Havana cigar on the corner, and people dancing salsa right on the street. The city hosts many festivals and shows, as well as the famous Havana Carnival.

History of Havana

The indigenous inhabitants of Cuba were Indians, but after the colonization of the island by the Spaniards, the local population was almost completely destroyed. In 1519, the Spanish conquerors founded Havana, the city began to develop rapidly and soon turned into a large trading port, and in 1556 became the capital of the Cuban colony. In the XIX century, rebellions began against the power of the Spaniards, and in 1895 Cuba gained independence. During the military conflict between the United States and Spain, Cuba was occupied by American forces and liberated in 1902. Until the middle of the 20th century, gambling controlled by gangsters was very developed in Havana, and a military dictator was in power. This led to the Cuban revolution in 1953, led by Fidel Castro, and after the victory of the revolutionaries, they began to call Cuba the Liberty Island.

Havana beaches

The coast of the resort town stretches for 47 km, but not all beach areas are suitable for swimming and scuba diving, as there are sharp stones in the water, sea urchins and poisonous jellyfish live. Beach vacations should only be practiced on equipped and safe beaches that are located outside the city center. There is a wonderful coral coast, along which many luxury hotels are built. The beaches have everything in order to please holidaymakers - clear turquoise sea, white sand, chic palm trees and tropical vegetation. For divers, there are beautiful coral reefs and wrecks.

Popular Havana beaches:

- Tarara;
- Santa Maria;
- Guanabo;
- Bakuranao;
- El Salado;
- Hibakoa;
- Megano.

Transport in Havana

The city has an international airport that accepts direct flights from Moscow. For those who want to save money, there are options with a connecting flights, but travel time is significantly increased.
The Havana city buses used by the local population are not in the best condition and very comfortable. From coastal hotels tourists take free buses to the city center, where there are attractions. It is more convenient to use a taxi to get around the city, but the price will depend on the brand of the car, so a trip by a US retro car will be the most expensive. You can also rent a car, scooter or bicycle.

Entertainment in Havana

The resort offers many excursions that make it possible to get acquainted with interesting places of the city and the life of Cubans, visit places associated with the famous writer Ernest Hemingway, tobacco plantations, caves, a cigar factory and the Havana rum plant. Fishing enthusiasts can go on a deep sea boat trip, renting a yacht and fishing rods. There is also a riding center, baseball, boxing and cycling competitions. With children it will be interesting to visit an amusement park or a dolphinarium. The city nightlife is very busy, there are many nightclubs, cabarets and casinos. In order to make the trip to Cuba a memorable one, there is a souvenir market on the Havana embankment, where there are bright Cuban accessories, cigars and rum.

Sights and popular places in Havana

1. The Capitol was built in 1929, and its opening was timed to coincide with Cuban Independence Day. It is one of the most impressive buildings in South America, its height is 90 meters.
2. The Museum of the Cuban Revolution is located in the former presidential palace. There are many interesting exhibits, such as the things of the famous Che Guevara. In the museum you can see the whole history of the struggle of the Cuban people for freedom.
3. El Moro Fortress was built on a rocky cape, its construction lasted more than 40 years. This fort guarded the entrance to the bay from invaders, then from pirates, and later served as a prison. Every evening, a historical performance is held here, soldiers in military uniforms shoot cannons.

A visit to the amazing Cuban city of Havana will not leave anyone indifferent. The indescribable atmosphere of the city on Liberty Island will undoubtedly impress every tourist.

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