What to see and where to go in Pattaya?

Pattaya, Thailand
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The best places for families with children in Thailand are traditionally considered the beaches of Naklua Beach and Wongamat Beach, located on the north side of the popular resort city of Pattaya. On the beaches there are small restaurants offering a light snack and fresh juices for the youngest tourists. On the largest beach in Pattaya, a length of several kilometers, life boils around the clock. During the day, fans of the bright sun and warm gentle sea fill it, and at night you can meet party-goers having fun in numerous bars and nightclubs. And the weather in Pattaya only contributes to the fun!

The only thing when choosing a tour to Thailand is to consider the moment when the rainy season is in this exotic country of Southeast Asia. It usually lasts from June to November, and at this time there is a high probability of falling under heavy rains. But this does not mean that it rains every day and all day. Mostly, showers occur at night, so they do not interfere with rest and excursions.

Fans of a relaxing holiday and kite and windsurfing lessons will be attracted by Dongtan Beach and Jomtien Beach, more secluded and clean beaches. Those who find it boring on the comfortable beaches of Pattaya should visit the coral islands. Known for their snow-white sandy beaches and clear as a tear, water, they will not leave indifferent fans of adventure and tropical exotics.

In Pattaya, despite its very modest size, there are quite a lot of popular places and attractions that will be interesting to tourists. We invite you to get acquainted with several of these attractions, namely, to visit with us a kind of virtual excursion to Pattaya.

Nong Chung rainforest is currently the largest garden and park complex in Southeast Asia. On 200 hectares of forest there are greenhouses with exquisite orchids, there are mischievous monkeys, a royal python and a formidable tiger. Fans of local exotics will be interested in a stunningly spectacular Thai show with national dances, ritual martial arts and Thai boxing. In the Stone Park, the attention of tourists will be attracted by the bizarre forms of petrified trees and natural stone sculptures, to which the wind and rainfall have given an original shape.

On a crocodile farm, you can take a closer look at the formidable river predators. Visitors are waiting for a fascinating sight of feeding crocodiles, a show of snakes and a photograph with a real crocodile as a keepsake. A visit to the village of elephants will open the veil of secrecy over the life of these huge mammals. Spectators will be shown a performance during which elephants will have to walk along the rope, stand on their hind legs and even play basketball with trainers. The most fearless visitors will find an exciting room, during which a trained elephant steps over a spectator lying on the ground.

Where to go with children in Pattaya?

Little vacationers will undoubtedly be interested in visiting the oceanarium, which is a huge hundred-meter tunnel in which sharks, moray eels, stingrays, several species of relict fish swim. Not far from Pattaya there is a unique tiger circus and zoo. Here you can feed small tiger cubs with meat, watch deer, camels, elephants, bears and monkeys living in the zoo, watch tigers relaxing in the cool and see many fascinating numbers of the Thai circus. You can hide from the heat and take a rest in the Central Festival Pattaya Beach entertainment center, where you will be treated to stunningly delicious ice cream with local exotic fruits and a dozen types of chocolate.

The most fascinating and unforgettable attraction awaiting you in Pattaya is the local dolphinarium. After an exciting show featuring these extraordinarily smart animals, visitors can enjoy a 45-minute swim with dolphins. Especially this show will appeal to children. Beautiful noble animals, swimming very close by and having fun games in the water, will give the kids an unforgettable experience, teach them to carefully and respectfully treat the inhabitants of the sea.

What to do in Pattaya?

This Thai city has all the conditions for outdoor activities: excellent gyms, fitness rooms and the best golf courses in Thailand. The picturesque depths of the sea invite you to go diving and snorkeling, and fans of cycling and motorcycling will be able to take a bicycle, scooter, moped, motorcycle and other types of transport at numerous rental points. Holidays with children in Pattaya are no less fun. Children will enjoy exciting walks on a rubber banana and ride in the sea on high-speed motor boats.
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