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Portugal is located in the southwestern part of Europe, in fact on the edge of the continent. Its exact location on the map is the Iberian Peninsula, and the nearest neighbors: on the one hand, Spain, on the other, the Atlantic Ocean. By climatic location, the country on the south side is in the subtropic zone, and in the north in a temperate Mediterranean climate.

For tourists, Portugal is a fairly unexplored country. In this small state, against the background of everything new, ancient and traditions peculiar only to this country are still preserved. The sounds of fado, the ringing of guitars and the numerous singing of singers - these are what still create a strange and romantic atmosphere in this country. Everyone who has been here notes for himself the leisurely passage of time. People talking on benches, homeless roaming dogs, laundry that is fluttering in the street - all this leaves an imprint of some kind of peace. But behind the seeming outer calm lies many interesting and stormy places.

Traveling in Portugal is worth starting with sandy beaches. Tavira, Olhao and Faro - these are ancient places with not lost elegance. They are the visiting cards of this country. In addition, the country has a lot of so-called wild beaches. Their rocky cliffs, on which the ocean crashes, are the reminiscent of terrestrial sculptures.

Of course, you can not ignore the capital of Portugal - the city of Lisbon. The narrow streets of Lisbon, paved with cobblestones, will charm anyone. Here you can go to the monument to King Jose on the Market Square. Sitting in a cafe with a bottle of port and watching the life of the townspeople is a kind of unremarkable, but curious activity. Do not think the country is not poor in sights.

After admiring the capital of Portugal and its diverse beaches, you can go to the Galust Gulbenkian Museum or the Jeronimos Monastery, which are located on the outskirts of Lisbon. The treasures of the past collected here amaze every visitor to the core. In general, there are not a few monasteries here. They reflect the external architectural appearance of Portugal. For example, you can marvel at the ancient architecture by going to the monastery of Estremadura or Evora. They are the architectural gems of Portugal.

You can continue your trip to Portugal, for example, by going to small towns no less colorful than Lisbon. Take, for example, Estoy. It is only 10 km from the capital. Here you should not miss the opportunity to visit the ancient ruins of a Roman settlement dating back to the beginning of our era. And after that you should definitely go to the fish markets. Fans of fish dishes will be amazed at the variety of local market seafood. If you're lucky, then you can get to the fish festival. It takes place annually somewhere in the middle of August. You will see an unimaginable feast, from which tables break, people walk and all this is accompanied by national songs.

Bored city bustle can be replaced by a vacation on the island of Madeira. The lush and exotic vegetation of these places will allow you to connect with nature and stay in solitude. But not only the vegetation is famous for the so-called "Green Islands". There are many old wine cellars on Madeira that showcase their old equipment and workshops.

In the eastern part of the Madeira group of islands you can have fun with wicker sledding, and the locals will help you with this. They will lower you from the steep mountain peak, on which there is not even snow. In this part, there are plenty of restaurants. To taste Portuguese cuisine is to taste the wanderings. Exotic seasonings will only strengthen it.

Traveling to Portugal will not leave you indifferent. A land with many untouched corners and ancient majestic architecture deserves applause. This is one of the few places on the planet that has preserved the natural charm and friendliness of local people.
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