9 beautiful little-known places in the world that are definitely worth a visit!

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In this article, we will tell you about 9 beautiful and little-known places in the world that are definitely worth visiting for every traveler.

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1. Introduction
2. Cambodia
3. Malta
4. Serbia
5. Japan
6. Portugal
7. Morocco
8. China
9. Republic of Korea
10. Greece
11. Conclusion

Thinking about where to go on a trip, we often choose the places already known to many people. But most likely, there will be huge lines, crowds and overpricing. At the same time, we do not think about the fact that there are less well-known resorts that are in no way inferior to more popular locations. To spend a vacation in a standing place, it is worth knowing what little-known corners of the world exist that can leave a lot of pleasant impressions.


In the south-west of this Asian state is an integral national park “Botum Sakor”. This place contains the beauties of nature with its microclimate, flora and fauna. Once in its open spaces, you can enjoy the tropical rainforests, views of coastal plains and the slopes of millennial cliffs.

In a significant part of the park, in the South-West, there is an elephant corridor. It got its name due to the largest number of Asian elephants living in this territory. In addition to elephants, here you can find very rare representatives of birds and animal species.

In one day it will be difficult to get around and even go round all corners of this place. For the convenience of tourists, within walking distance from the park ther are hotels and bungalows. Geographically, they are all located near enchanting nature: close to rivers, rocky waterfalls and overlooking the shores of the Gulf of Thailand.

Holidays in Cambodia in the Botum Sakor park will allow you to take a break from concrete cities, touch pure nature and diversify your pastimes as much as possible: from a quiet swim in the bay to extreme trips to safari inland.


Few considered the capital of Malta, Veletta, for their trips. The country itself is located in the Mediterranean Sea between Tunisia and Italy. Such a historical location could not leave its mark. So, in Veletta several cultures intertwined: walking along the street in the Greek style, you can in a few minutes find yourself in a place similar to the city of the Middle East. This is manifested both in architectural buildings and in the served cuisine.

Today it is not a very popular place, since all tourist routes converge to Venice and Rome. Therefore, in this city you can safely get around all the sights without uncomfortable crowds, as well as enjoy the spacious beaches. The most famous landmark of Veletta is the Cathedral of St. John, named after a knight, a native of these places.

For lovers of uninhabited beaches with azure water, an island included in the Maltese archipelago - Gozo can be included in the route. This is a mountain island on which steep cliffs form closed bays. They can be secluded with nature away from civilization and people.


Some of the countries that were formerly part of Yugoslavia - Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro, are becoming more and more popular every year for tourist trips. And if the last two attract tourists with wonderful sea coasts, then Serbia, due to the lack of the sea, is the least popular. However, do not delete it from the list of desired places to visit, because this country has something to surprise tourists.

Serbia has absorbed the rich history of the whole region and will delight the traveler with amazing monuments of architecture. In addition to the wonderful buildings and structures, here you can enjoy the views of the spacious plains and hills covered with forests, as well as the tops of gentle cliffs.

In the winter, Serbia will meet tourists with its Kopaonik and Zlatibor National Parks, where ski slopes are equipped. In the summer months, travelers will be inspired by the mountains and rivers of Tara Park, where you can also visit a huge lake of artificial origin.

In Serbia, local cheese production has been established, which will make it possible to try all kinds of cheeses. But the most pleasant argument for this country is the cost of travel with all the additional expences. It will be much cheaper to visit Serbia than neighboring countries, which are significantly more expensive due to its tourist popularity.


This country is rich in history and colorful views, but Nagano ski resort deserves special attention. Its highlight is the hot springs of Onsen, near which a whole infrastructure with hotels and resorts has formed.

Open spaces with such nature will allow not only to improve your health, but also spend time doing skiing. There is everything you need for an active skiing or boarding holiday: from specialized shops, rental services and equipped mountain slopes to various hotels with restaurants and cafes. This health resort is constantly being improved and continues to be built.

In addition to sports, in Nagano you can plunge into Japanese culture. Near the resort there is the ancient Motsumoto castle of the 16th century. People call it the crow castle because of the color of the walls of buildings and the location of the side towers, like wings. In the castle there is a whole side reserved for the contemplation of the moon.


The capital of Portugal - Lisbon will not leave indifferent lovers of elegant public gardens with beautiful sculptures that lead to wide beaches and cozy harbors. In this city, a huge number of castles, fortresses, squares, monasteries and cathedrals.

The most impressive place in the capital is St. George's Castle, which stands on a hill and can be viewed from anywhere in the city. The roofs of all buildings in the city are covered with material of a characteristic brick color. Therefore, looking at the city from a hill, you can see a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean, opening over the same roofs of houses.

Lovers of romance will love the Sintra Natural Park, located within the city. It is a town of mountains, the ocean coast, hotels, castles and palaces.


Along with the famous resorts of Morocco - Agadir, Casablanca and Marrakesh, there is no less interesting port town - Essaouira. It contains numerous beaches, architectural monuments and multilevel hotels to choose from.

For lovers of architectural structures, ancient quarters with unusual buildings and a huge 18th-century fort have been preserved here. For those who prefer a relaxing holiday on the coast, spacious beaches are suitable without a crowd, because the city is not the most popular in Morocco. Also, in the coastal areas, local fishermen always bring fresh fish, which you can buy and cook yourself or try in a local restaurant.

However, if you want to visit Essaouira, it is worth considering that this is a very windy city, which is why waves constantly rise in the sea. Those who prefer outdoor activities can surf here.


In China, there is a rather interesting province - Yunnan. It is full of amazing contrasts of nature: tropical forests have grown to the foot of the mountains that rise above the province with snowy slopes and peaks, and large-scale rice fields border the deepest gorges of the world. There you can visit the canyon called "Jumping Tiger", the depth of which is more than 3 thousand meters and admire the grandeur of nature.

The contrast of the province is not only in nature: Yunnan has absorbed about 25 of the 56 recognized ethnic groups. Each of them has its own culture and customs. Traveling through this province, you can immerse yourself in each of them, as well as taste their special cuisine.

The Republic of Korea

In the south of the country there is the Pyeongchang ski resort, which lovers of mountain skiing learned only last year, after the Winter Olympics were held there. Today, this place is not a popular tourist destination and only experienced tourists enjoy it.

A feature of Pyeongchang is the gentle slopes of the mountain without steep cliffs. They housed high-quality slopes for skiers, from the simplest to high-speed and incredible lengths. Near them there are hotels with all the necessary infrastructure, which has grown significantly after the Olympics.


Greece has long been a favorite destination for tourists. One of the new tourist destinations that has become popular not so long ago is the island of Crete. It attracts the attention of travelers with a combination of ancient Greek culture and untouched nature. Most of the island is covered with mountains and valleys, turning into picturesque Mediterranean beaches.

In the capital of the island - Heraklion, tourists will like the architectural monuments left by the Minoan civilization. All treasures preserved from their times are stored in the Heraklion Archaeological Museum. There you can see many bas-reliefs, amphorae, ancient drawings, statues and even miniatures of old buildings. In addition to the museum, Knossos Palace, famous for its labyrinth, which, according to legend, guarded the Minotaur, deserves special attention.

The best time to travel to Crete is from April to October. It is during these months that you may not only learn Greek culture and enjoy nature, but also swim in the sea and do scuba diving. Diving in this place is especially interesting, because in addition to enjoying the views of the underwater world, you can immerse yourself in history, considering wrecks from the time of the Second World War.

Knowing the features of all these places, you can find the right one for your trip: whether it is an active ski holiday or quiet walks through ancient architectural structures.

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