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What is the program for affiliate partners RENTABIKE4.ME?


Thanks to our Program for affiliate partners, you and your customers will have a unique access to the search system and online bookings of bicycles, scooters, motorcycles and other types of bicycle and motorcycle transport worldwide.


Becoming our partner, you can integrate our products on the site, providing your customers with additional service and the opportunity to diversify their holidays.


Thanks to our program, you will receive a commission of up to 50% of our income (up to 10% of the rental price) for each order received from your website or your partner code.


You receive an instant email notification of each new order, and you can see full information about all orders made through your website or partner code in the Partner`s Personal Account.


We are constantly improving our products and adding new ones so that they are as convenient and easy to use as possible, understandable to your customers and bring in more bookings.

P.S. Your customers are looking for and asking you where to find and rent a bike, scooter, a motorcycle or other type of bicycle or moto transport? Now you will have what to answer! Give them this service right now on your site!
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Our advantages are your benefits!

Why should I join the program partners affiliates RENTABIKE4.ME?
A unified search and rental service
for bicycles or motorcycles around the world, which presents a variety of models and types of bicycles, scooters, motorcycles and other modes of transport.
High income opportunity
For each reservation received from your site, you will receive a good commission. The more you book, the higher your profit.
Fully customizable product
You choose which objects and in which countries you want to show on your site. It can be all the available rental options for any transport around the world, all objects only in your region or only those options that match the specifics of your site - everything is in your hands!
You can become a member of the program easily, quickly and completely for free!
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How to join the PARTNER program?

Credit Card
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Credit Card 2
Step 2
Enter information about the company
Credit Card 3
Step 3
Choose the necessary products and place on your website
Rules of cooperation
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Partner Tools


Booking widget

You can install a full-fledged car booking system on your website. Search cars and ordering will occur entirely on your site, without external links to third-party resources. The widget does not contain our logo and mention of our site. Therefore, your customers always stay with you.
This is an affiliate tool for the White Label model.

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Refferal Link

Affiliate Link

You will be given a unique affiliate link to our site. Add a link to any text on your site, write a blog entry, mailing list, social networks, forums. All users referred to our website by your referral link will be tied to your affiliate account for 30 days. All their orders made during this time will be considered yours and you will receive a commission from each such order.

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Join the program for affiliate partners
right now and use it with the maximum benefit for yourself!

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