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The Parliamentary Republic of Italy is located in the south of Europe, in the very center of the Mediterranean. Most of the country is located on the Apennine Peninsula. Also two large islands are part of Italy - Sicily and Sardinia. A feature of the country is the presence in the territory of two independent mini-states: the Vatican and San Marino.

Italy - the generally accepted "pantry" of historical and cultural monuments. Almost half of all cultural treasures of Europe are located here.

Due to the special climatic zone, for tourists arriving on vacation, there will be a year-round vacation in Italy.

In the winter months, Italy attracts lovers of alpine skiing. The season begins in early December and lasts until the end of March. The peculiarity of the ski resorts in Italy is that there are very few 5 * class hotels, and hotels with 3 and 4 stars do not have a clear gradation between themselves and, as a rule, can only host a few dozens of guests.

For sightseeing holidays in Italy, it is preferable to go in the spring or autumn, when the sweltering heat does not interfere with the inspection of historical monuments. And for those who want to combine excursions with the beach, it should be noted that the hottest and not comfortable for excursions months in Italy is July and August. During the heat, it is better to spend time on the beach.

In eastern Italy, tourists are waiting for the warm Adriatic Sea. It is not deep, and warms up quickly. The coast is gentle, which provides a comfortable bathing for children. For young tourists on the Adriatic created a large number of entertainment and services. Here one can find water parks, zoos, and dolphinariums. Anything for a child's soul. Of course, the rest for adult tourists is also not forgotten. There are nightly entertainment, and sports, and shopping. A special plus of the Adriatic resorts is more humane, compared to other Italian resorts. And the Adriatic eager to attend active recreation. From these places it is convenient to get to many historical relics of Italy: Venice, Bologna, Parma.

For tourists who are not burdened with children, all the charm of a party holiday in Italy will provide the city of Rimini and Riccione. The last one is also famous for its excellent thermal therapy center.

For lovers of a relaxing holiday resort Lido di Jesolo on the Venetian Riviera. This is a small young resort, originally divided into 4 parts, focused on different tastes. Yachtsmen gather in Faro. Dance lovers are awaited in Centro.

Sea food gourmets are always ready to delight in Kortelyatstso. Pinetta - the most quiet and secluded corner of the resort. To improve health and relieve stress, you should move south to the Marche region. Milano-Marittima resort is famous for amazingly tasty air and thermal springs.

This is followed by the region of Abruzzi. If in its southern part, in the resorts of Toroleto-Lido, Pinetto and Pescara, the gently sloping sandy beaches peculiar to the Adriatic are still, then in the north, between Ortona and Vastoy, rocky shores begin.

The south east coast of Italy is washed by the Ionian Sea. The region of Puglia is made up of five provinces: Bari, Brindisi, Leche, Tarento and Foggia. Here, the Mediterranean climate, in summer the average temperature is 30 degrees Celsius, sometimes up to 40 degrees. The region is known for chic shops, old castles and ancient settlements. Puglia is also known for its magnificent religious festivals and carnivals.

The west coast of Italy is washed by the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is usually a couple of degrees warmer than the Adriatic.

The swimming season here opens in May and ends in October. The proximity of such cultural centers as Rome, Naples, Pompeii can successfully combine a beach and educational holiday.

Between Naples and Rome for a hundred kilometers stretched resort Riviera di Ulisse. Its capital, Terracina, was founded six hundred years before Christ. In the city there is where to walk for the lovers of antiquities. Not far from Naples there are two small but well-known islands - Capri and Ischia. The island of Capri is known for the fabulous beauty of the rocks, which attract lovers here for secluded dates.

And the island of Ischia is famous for thermal healing springs and mud. Thanks to the thermal waters, around the island of Ischia you can swim even in winter.

Gourmets and lovers of ancient architecture should visit the Tuscany region. The center of the region is Florence, and nearby is the famous Pisa with its tower, Luca, Arezzo. In the north of Tuscany is located the most prestigious resort - Versilia.

Next on the border with France there is the coast of the Liguria region. This region is well protected from the northern cold by the mountains, and from the southern heat by the sea. The result is a very mild and comfortable climate. No wonder that the elite resort of Portofino attracts the most well-to-do and famous guests. And nearby there is the famous San Remo.

Between the coastal Tyrrhenian Sea and the Mediterranean one there are Italian islands of Sicily and Sardinia. Sicily is a huge island with an extensive resort network and the famous volcano Etna. Volcano is not the only celebrity of Sicily. Only the names of cities - Palermo, Syracuse, Agrigento are worth something!

The undoubted pearl of the Mediterranean Sea is the island of Sardinia. This place is famous for its comfortable hotels and an extensive educational program. The capital of Cagliari provides all kinds of both party and relaxing holidays. And Sardinia is fraught with traces of a mysterious ancient civilization. For several millennia BC, when primitive people did not know basic labor tools yet, in Sardinia they were already able to process stones and build towers of them, hollowed out tombs from several rooms in the rocks, and worshiped unknown gods.

Going on vacation to Italy, of course, you should not expect to see everything, but even that small part, which is lucky to see, will not leave anyone indifferent and will be remembered for a lifetime.

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