Top 30 most beautiful cities in Italy

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An important part of the Italian economy is tourism, so the state pays special attention to the development of this industry. Guests from all over the world come here to plunge into the special atmosphere of the country and enjoy its unique sights. See the majestic Rome, fashionable Milan and beautiful Florence, where Michelangelo, Giotto and Cellini worked.

The city on the water - Venice and the birthplace of Romeo and Juliet - Verona conquers the most desperate romantics with its beauty. The beaches of Positano delight with picturesque panoramas and give a serene rest under the rays of the warm Italian sun. True gourmets can enjoy wines and appreciate the Sorrento cuisine. A string of pilgrims stretches to the Vatican - a miniature state enclosed by medieval walls. The developed infrastructure of Italy helps tourists easily get to the most remote provinces, and a sense of comfort accompanies from the very first minute of travel.
The most beautiful cities and resorts in Italy.

Bergamo is divided into two parts: the old and the new city. Each of which is located at a different height. The funicular is one of the links, but many use the pedestrian crossing. History lovers should better go to the old town and see the Cathedral with the Baptistery, Rastrelli's strange mausoleum, the Covered Staircase, powerful fortresses that keep the spirit of antiquity. In spring, Bergamo hosts a jazz music festival called Jazz Berqamo. The musical event takes place at various venues in the city. It's a shame that with so many monuments of antiquity, a visit to Bergamo does not include most of the tourist routes.

This is a city in which, according to statistics, the highest standard of living in the country. This is reflected in the rapidly developing infrastructure. In Bologna there is the oldest, of all the existing European universities. This unique place, which stretches for 40 km, attracts by rows of arched galleries, a majestic temple and anatomical theater. In one of the many churches there is an organ, the keys of which were touched by the great Mozart.

A miniature state-city where the Pope and ministers of the Roman curia live. The only place where pilgrims worship different religions. The state is surrounded by a fortified wall, and the entrance is the palace square. A series of columns leads to the majestic Cathedral of St. Peter. Its size affects the Papal Palace, consisting of more than 1,000 rooms. The world famous chapel of the Sistine Chapel is decorated with frescoes by Michelangelo. Here you can visit the Vatican Pinakothek, where the masterpieces of Italian painting of the XIV - XVII centuries are exhibited. Etruscan Museum and the Museum of Egyptian Art.

Fairy Venice
Venice is unique because its cultural and historical center is located immediately on 118 islands. They are interconnected by 400 bridges and bridges. Each of which is beautiful and unique in its own way. The most popular is the well-known "Bridge of Sighs". A network of canals, with smoothly moving gondolas, simply enveloped the city. Most of the tourists are trying to get to Venice during the famous around the world Venetian carnival of masks.

Any tourist visiting Italy, seeks to fall under the power of the romantic relationship of the heroes of the tragedy of Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet. No wonder it is called the city of love ... Every year, Verona is visited by more than 3 million travelers, who are attracted not only by the architectural beauty of medieval monuments, but also by the mass of cultural events, among which the opera festival held on the arena of Arena di Verona occupies a special place.

This Italian city is considered the seaport of the northern part of the country, so its entire history is connected with trade and navigation. Today it is the center of heavy industry and shipbuilding. The architecture of palaces, churches and fortress walls is typical of the typical cities of the northern regions, with narrow, but such clean streets. Among the modern buildings - Europe largest aquarium.

A small island of volcanic origin, which is famous among tourists for its thermal springs containing sulphides and silt mud. Each hotel in the resort has its own thermal pool, where you can relax and improve your health. Also in the town of Ischia, you can enjoy botanical garden floristry and emissions of water vapor. A visit to the ancient fortress will make a variety of secluded holidays on the island.

It is unlikely that anyone will be indifferent to the historic center of Cagliari. The diversity of cultural heritage is expressed in absolutely everything: the remnants of buildings, medieval towers, arcades, carrying the spirit of the Spanish Gothic. All this is mixed with the Italian modern. The beaches of Cagliari annually attract several million tourists, offering them a rich program of entertainment. A bottle of wine "Chianti" will help you relax and enjoy a good rest.

The port city of Catania, built in the Baroque style, is located at the foot of the volcano Etna. An excursion to the top of the mountain, with its fire-breathing craters, always leaves a vivid impression on travelers. It is very different from other Italian cities in that it was built from lava and dark basalt, which makes it seem bleak. Catania occupies a worthy place in the ten oldest cities in Italy. All its streets go straight to the squares. The Cathedral Square is the heart of Catania, and the Cathedral is the burial place of the kings of Sicily.

This city of the peninsula Salentina is considered southern Florence due to the large number of Baroque buildings. Finishing with golden-yellow limestone gives buildings a special flashiness, hence the peculiar, incomparable look. An example of style is the Basilica of Santa Croce. The rather modest appearance of Lecce is more than covered by interior decoration. The antique amphitheater and today is pleased with the performance of artists, it has excellent acoustics.

You can escape from the noisy bustle of megalopolises and admire the natural beauty in the small town of Lucca, which is located on the river Serchio. This is the only city surrounded by a fortress wall. Its narrow streets are paved with stone and are met by a large number of churches and towers. Guinigi Tower is one of the favorite among tourists. It is also called "skyscraper with oaks". It is amazing that century-old beauties grow on its top.

In its popularity with tourists Milan can compete with the capital of Italy, the city of Rome. The pride of the city is considered to be the famous opera La Scala and the old monastery, which houses the fresco The Secret Vespers, by Da Vinci. Connoisseurs of high art and famous fashion designers consider the city a center of high fashion. For the design works of famous masters come here the wealthiest shopping lovers. What to say about football fans of Milan, it is their second religion.

The main number of tourists is attracted by the proximity of Naples to the volcano Vesuvius. This city in a strange way combines the features of the modern metropolis and the architecture of historical monuments, with a great variety of antique statues. It houses a number of world-famous opera and art theaters. Classic Margarita pizza was also born in Naples, so you should visit the local cafes and taste the real Italian Mariners.

Padua is the oldest city in Italy. Its patron is St. Anthony, whose relics rest in the Basilica of San Antonio. This does not stop the flow of pilgrims throughout the year. The history of the city has more than 3 thousand years. A number of priceless treasures are kept in the rooms of the Scrovegni Chapel, including the cycle of Giotto's frescoes. Among other historical monuments of the cultural heritage of the city of Padua, the Cathedral and the Botanical Garden are worth mentioning.

Palermo is the capital of the island of Sicily, is saturated with the smell of the sea and is distinguished by its special identity and cuisine. This Italian town combines the culinary traditions of different nations. Urban contrasts are immediately evident: new-fashioned boutiques and fashionable hotels rise next to the ancient ruins. Amazingly beautiful beaches border with the remnants of the heritage of once inhabiting nations. Of the attractions of Palermo, special attention should be paid to the Royal Palace.

The picturesque city of Perugia is also called the "green heart" of the peninsula. Old buildings, towering over the hill, completely covered with climbing vines. Vineyards and cypress trees are incredibly woven into the narrow streets and endless arches. There are no luxurious mansions, but there are churches. In one of the cathedrals of Perugia is stored the wedding ring of the Virgin Mary. It was here that the famous Umbrian school of painting was born. The town is very noisy, and no wonder, because students from different countries of the world study in Perugia.

First of all, the city of Pisa is associated with the world-famous “falling” tower, which many tourists are so eager to get to. But the true appearance of the city is hidden in the palaces and cathedrals, decorated with carvings and frescoes, a time when Florence was ruled by the Medici dynasty. This is the famous National Museum, which was once a palace. The Cathedral, the city-museum of Europe and the botanical garden. Exploring the streets of Pisa, you should definitely visit the restaurants and try baccelato cheese, pasta pichchi and bruschetta with truffles.

Many people consider this Italian resort town to be a paradise on earth, buried in Mediterranean bushes. Cleanest beach and comfortable hotels. Despite the relatively small size, in Positano guests have a feeling of calm and comfort. Small shops and stylish boutiques provide a large selection of outfits that are made directly in the city, because Positano is considered the center of production of summer clothing.

Majestic Rome
The capital of the Italian Republic, the city of Rome, is rightly considered the cradle of civilization and the center of the great Roman Empire. This is evidenced by the ruins of the Colosseum and the ancient walls of the Pantheon. Here, at every step, there are world-famous monuments of antiquity and ancient sites of interest, as well as in the city there are more than nine hundred churches and temples, each of which is a part of history. This and St. Paul's Cathedral and Santa Maria Maggiore. The Forum and the famous Triumphal Arch are not inferior to them in beauty and elegance. Rome was firmly established glory of the Eternal City.

Rimini is the largest resort on the Adriatic coast, as well as the center of the Riviera Romagnola. White sand beaches stretched from the south to the very north of the city, inviting tourists to soak up the warm Italian sun. A network of small cafes and large restaurants delight with excellent cuisine. To services of lovers of night entertainment, bars and clubs are at your service. Connoisseurs of history can explore the ruins of an amphitheater and an arched bridge built during the time of Tiberius. The relics of Nicholas the Wonderworker are kept in one of the numerous churches.

Salerno is one of the popular resorts of the Amalfi Coast of Italy. It attracts tourists by the fact that the local mild climate of the seaside city allows you to enjoy your holiday almost all year round. In Salerno, too, there is something to admire: this is the garden of Minerva, and the Cathedral of San Matteo, the fortress of Apeki and several palaces. Shopping street is reserved for the sale of many souvenirs, jewelry and various trifles. It is worth noting that the locals love to bargain ...

San Gimignano
San Gimignano is considered one of the oldest cities in Italy. It seems that time has stopped in it since the Middle Ages. This is evidenced by the preserved walls and 14 stone towers, towering like ancient skyscrapers. Because of the small number of trees, it is called the “stone city”. The thing is that the government banned the demolition of old houses in order to build new ones instead. So the appearance of the city avoided radical changes, and the flow of tourists grew exponentially. The most visited places are: Well Square, Cathedral Square, City Museum, Duomo Cathedral, Vernaccia di San Gimignano Wine Museum.

One of the most amazing cities in the province, without which it is impossible to understand Italy. Connoisseurs of antiquity will immediately notice that the city of Siena still retains its medieval appearance, because most of the significant structures appear in their original form. Twice a year, the main square of the city, Piazza del Campo, is announced with drumming, on the eve of the Palio, horse racing. This action attracts from 40 to 70 thousand spectators.

Syracuse is another small city on the southeastern coast of Italy. The place where the famous Archimedes was born, which is why it is called the legend city. Here you can find monuments of ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, as well as modern museums. Among the main attractions of the city are: Piazza Arcimede, the Temple of Apollo, the castle Maniace. Syracuse is great for a beach and cultural holiday.

Sorrento is probably the greenest city in Italy, located on a steep plateau of the sea bay. Steep streets cause some fear, but are great for hiking. For tourists who want to distance themselves from the bustle of the city and find privacy - this is the most suitable resort. Relax on the beach in Sorrento can be perfectly combined with excursion programs. Also here you can see the old mansions, towering at the top of the gorge, the Central Square of Tasso, the church del Carmine.

This is not just a developed tourist center, but an incredibly beautiful city, where at every turn you can come across something truly ancient. Most of the churches founded in the XV - XVII centuries. The Cathedral of the Duomo, built in the XV century, to this day is a spiritual symbol. The clock tower, erected in the XII century, reminds of the terrible and harsh times. Many castles and squares in Taormina are currently functioning, but some are subject to reconstruction. As for the cuisine, there are mixed Greek, Arab and Italian traditions. These are mainly seafood delicacies and sophisticated dishes, with abundant spices.

Trieste is an Italian city underestimated by tourists, although it also bears the heavy stamp of history. Despite the quite modern look, Trieste has its charm. On the big channel tourists are carried by boats. During this walk, you can examine in detail the palaces of the XIX century, located along the waterway. A visit to San Giusto Castle and the Museum of Art will not leave anyone indifferent. The giant cave of Trieste is listed in the Guinness Book of Records, the staircase of 500 steps leads into the depths.

Turin is located at the foot of the Western Alps and is surrounded by winding alleys, majestic palazzo and a variety of green parks. Just surprised by the abundance of attractions, where outstanding monuments of cultural heritage are preserved. Including 15 royal residences, who occupied a worthy place in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Egyptian Museum has the largest collection of artifacts, and one of the Catholic churches of Turin is the owner of a Christian shrine - the Shroud of Turin.

The city, which is considered to be a symbol of the Renaissance. The hallmark of Florence is the palace of Strozzi. The medieval buildings, cathedrals and squares are decorated with the creations of the hands of Michelangelo, da Vinci, Cellini. Here reigns a special spirit of freedom, the air that breathed Galileo, Dante and other eminent figures of the Renaissance. The city seems to be surrounded by two hills, and the shady green of the trees helps to enjoy the coolness and see amazing landscapes.

Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre combines five small settlements within the National Park of Italy. The reserved zone of the city amazes with sea and mountain landscapes and attracts tourists from all over the world. Most villages are not allowed to use road transport. Most of the local structures belong to the Middle Ages, but some settlements are considered educated in the Roman era. The colorful houses in the Cinque Terre, like the nests of swallows, stuck to the rocky ledges. Man-made terraces twine around the vines. True connoisseurs of beauty should see the statue of Neptune, the Aurora Tower and the path of love. Lovers of sea walks have amazing coves and small, but quite cozy beaches.

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