India is a fabulous kingdom of colors!

Mumbai, India
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India is one of the most difficult, attractive and controversial places on Earth. Not enough for a year to list all its attractions. A hot, crowded country has become an interweaving of ancient traditions and modern trends, extreme poverty and luxury. The dramatic history of this state, its wealth and natural diversity amaze the tourist. Even if you do not go outside the hotel, India is colorful, bright, exotic.

Features of rest in India

The country is conditionally divided into several tourist zones. Beach lovers go to the coast, to Goa and other areas. Access to the magnificent warm Indian Ocean is very wide. Active tourists travel to the largest cities, and then explore the jungle and highlands.

Hotels here are to every taste. You can live in luxury villas or in world-class high-rise hotels, swim in luxury for relatively little money. You can live in modest hotels for a nominal sum. You can spend two weeks in one place, never getting bored, but you can adventurously set off on the road using local transport.
You can come to India without vaccinations, but you should drink bottled water only, it is better to brush your teeth and wash your face with such water. And even fruits and vegetables here should be washed with soap, and it is better not to eat fresh vegetables not processed by temperature.

The Taj Mahal, the Red Fort and amazingly beautiful temples here are adjacent to garbage dumps and modern buildings, and crowds of beggars and petty thieves often run after a white man. And yet it is incredibly interesting to walk here. On the streets you can meet cows and monkeys, and if you manage to participate in any local holiday, you can safely say that there is nothing more exotic and bright in this world.

Indian cuisine

Indian cuisine excludes beef, strictly separates meat and dairy products. Here, the main tastes are sweet and sour and spicy. And the variety of ingredients, as well as variations of dishes is so great that it is physically impossible to compile one cookbook. Of course, after tasting all the delicacies, you should go to good restaurants with excellent reviews, so as not to get dysentery or cholera.

India is spices, the most diverse of which are not in the world, and tea. The famous Indian tea, on the plantation of which you can go to admire the unearthly beauty of landscapes. From here you just need to bring a couple of packs of different tea, it is often great.

India is elephants and tigers, a mass of semiprecious handicraft ornaments, stunningly beautiful saris, friendly people and the original customs obtained as a result of mixing the three main religions and hundreds of local beliefs. If you plan your trip in a quality manner, India will become the main treasure in the chest of traveler's memories.
Image by Javier Iborra from Pixabay

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