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Paris, France
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France is a country of love and romance. Everyone is attracted by the charm of a passionate beautiful French atmosphere. The cities of this state are not alike. They are resorts, cultural centers, or industrial centers, depending on the region. Sights and various interesting places and objects definitely exist in this every city in France.

The symbol of France and the most famous landmark of Paris is the Eiffel Tower. It can be seen even from the porthole of an airplane flying over the city. The three hundred meter construction was built at the end of the 18th century to participate in the World Exhibition, which envisaged future life projects, often utopian. At first the Parisians did not like the tower, they demanded to take it apart. However, guests of the French capital liked this highlight of the city so much that gradually the Eiffel Tower became the most visited place in France. A second tier and the highest point with a restaurant and observation deck are open for visitors.

No less interesting tourist destination is the Verdon Gorge. The gorge is the largest one in all of Europe. Its depth is more than one and a half thousand meters. It was formed as a result of the movement of the Verdon River. Hence the name of the gorge. The channel of the fast river formed an attraction of such a scale. This is an amazingly picturesque corner of the planet. Bright raging greens, water of incredible emerald color and multi-colored rock formations - all this creates a unique natural landscape.

The small town of Rouen is known for its castle, or rather, the tower remaining from it, which was called the tower of Joan of Arc. There were several interrogations of the Virgin of Orleans. The building rises above the ground by as much as 35 meters, its age is more than 800 years. In fact, the heroine of France was kept in another tower, which has not survived to this day. Inside the tower there is a small museum. There are exhibits reminiscent of the Rouen castle and its former greatness. However, if you climb up to the observation deck, you can see all the picturesque surroundings of the city.

The tourism industry in France is very developed. Even the most pessimistic tourist will be able to find something to be surprised with in this country. Therefore, before a trip to any of the cities, it is worthwhile to study carefully the information and make an excursion plan.
Image by Marco Santiago from Pixabay

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