What sights can I see for free in Prague?

Prague, Czech Republic
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Those who once visited the Czech city of Prague are dreaming of returning there again. The capital of the Czech Republic fascinates by its mystery and architectural power. Here you can see old streets, historical places, numerous museums, monumental buildings. Visiting some of the sights requires financial expenses, but there are places in Prague that can be seen absolutely for free and imbued with all the splendor of the ancient city.

The Charles Bridge.

Tourists believe that not to see the Charles Bridge means not to see Prague itself. This bridge was built in 1380, and the first foundation stone was laid by King Charles IV. It was decorated with 31 statues that were made of sandstone. Today, the bridge is decorated only with copies of those statues, and the originals are kept in the National Museum.

If you cross the other side, you can visit the Prague Baby Jesus Museum and the Virgin Mary Temple. On the other side of the river, you can relax in the Wallenstein garden and look at the palace, surrounded by intricate paths and greenery.

Dancing building.

In the 90s, a house resembling a dancing couple appeared on the embankment of Prague. This building caused a lot of criticism, as it was completely out of general view. Despite criticism, this house has become a landmark of Prague.

If you go further from the promenade, you can see the following attractions:

• Gothic church of St. Wenceslas;
• Cathedral of Saints Cyril and Methodius;
• Charles Square, surrounded by a park with interesting buildings;
• National Museum (entrance fee, but worth a visit)

Powder Tower.

The Powder Tower is located in the heart of Prague in the central part of the old town. The construction of the Gothic tower began in the IV century, it was part of the royal palace, but its construction was not completed. The construction was completed only after 100 years. In the 19th century, the tower was restored, the architects tried as much as possible to preserve the appearance of the tower. They only decorated with sculptures and a bust of the first designer of the powder tower. Not far from the tower are the Mint and the Sixtus House.

Prague Castle.

It is the center of the Czech capital, the president’s residence is also located here. The hourly change of the guard at the palace attracts many tourists. Prague Castle is located on a hill, and from there you can enjoy breathtaking views of Prague.

Not far from the center of Prague you can also see:

• Schwarzenberberg Palace;
• Cherninsky Palace;
• Strahov Monastery (the oldest Christian building in the Czech Republic).

Of course, these are not all the free attractions that can be seen in Prague. The Lennon Wall, the Fashion Museum, the Zizkov Military Museum, Visegrad, Petrin Hill - these places are also worthy of special attention and the visit of an inquisitive tourist.

Prague is a place where there always will be something to see, and its centuries-old culture and heritage can be enjoyed again and again.
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