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Places to visit in Cyprus: cities and resorts, national parks and reserves; ancient cities and ancient fortresses; sights and monuments of architecture; museums and galleries; churches, temples and mosques; mountain rivers and lakes; mountains, canyons and caves viewing platforms; various public, private and wild beaches, etc.

Sightseeing in Cyprus (3)

Popular places in Larnaca
Popular places in Larnaca
The resort city of Larnaca is located on the southern coast of Cyprus. In the old days, this town was the city-state of Kition, founded by the...
Sights of Cyprus
Sights of Cyprus
Cyprus is a state completely located on the island. The territory of Cyprus was settled before our era and it is noteworthy that many archaeological...
Top 7 beaches of the island of Cyprus
Top 7 beaches of the island of Cyprus
Airport Paphos
Each resort country has its advantages and, in most cases, it is accessible, equipped and beautiful beaches. This is not surprising, because every...
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Mototours, safari on quad bikes (ATV) and buggies in Cyprus (2)

Enduro Moto Tours in Cyprus
Enduro Moto Tours in Cyprus
Cyprus is the third largest and most populated island in the Mediterranean, which is divided between two countries - the southern Greek Republic of...
Quad bike and buggy safari in Cyprus
Quad bike and buggy safari in Cyprus
Cyprus is the third largest in size and population of the island, located in the Mediterranean Sea. About 770 thousand inhabitants live on its...
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Rent a scooter, moped, quad bike, buggy, motorcycle and bicycle in Cyprus - a large selection of different types of motorcycles and bicycles, online booking, reliable companies, reliable transport, low prices! Rent a bike, scooter, motorcycle, quad and buggy at the airport of Cyprus, as well as in Paphos, Larnaca, Ayia Napa, Limassol, Nicosia and other cities on the island of Cyprus.


  1. Acquaintance with Cyprus. Rent a moto and bicycle (moped, scooter, motorcycle, buggy, quad bike, bicycle, etc.) in Cyprus.
  2. Features of the left-hand traffic in Cyprus.
  3. Traffic regulations in Cyprus.
  4. Fines for violation of traffic regulations in Cyprus.
  5. Patrol in Cyprus.
  6. Rental of mopeds, scooters and motorcycles in Cyprus.
  7. Rent a quad in Cyprus.
  8. Rent a buggy in Cyprus.
  9. What to consider when renting a quad or buggy in Cyprus?
  10. The advantages of renting a moped, scooter or motorcycle in Cyprus.
  11. Rental conditions for motorized vehicles in Cyprus.
  12. The cost of renting a moped, scooter and motorcycle in Cyprus.
  13. Rent a bike in Cyprus.
  14. Conditions and cost of renting a bicycle in Cyprus.
  15. Which bike or motorbike rental to choose in Cyprus?
  16. How to rent a bike, motorcycle, moped, scooter, quad bike in Cyprus through the site

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Acquaintance with Cyprus. Rent a moto and bicycle (moped, scooter, motorcycle, buggy, quad bike, bicycle, etc.) in Cyprus.

Recently, an increasing number of tourists, arriving in one or another country of the world, choose active and intense rest instead of passive lying on the beach or near the pool at the hotel. The island of Cyprus, in this regard, is also not an exception, in addition to traveling by public transport, taxi or rented car, you can rent a bicycle, scooter, moped, motorcycle, quad bike and other types of bicycles or motorcycles and independently explore the surroundings of wonderful and diverse island.

Cyprus is a relatively small island, but it is very diverse. Traveling in Cyprus by bike, scooter or motorcycle, one can visit amazing, and sometimes unique, hidden from human eyes, locations that cannot always be seen on trips or when traveling by car. In addition, in Cyprus a huge variety of routes, trails of varying difficulty, country roads have laid, winding between pines and mountain serpentines, where you can perfectly ride a bike, scooter, motorcycle or quad bike.

Features of the left-hand traffic in Cyprus

In Cyprus left-hand traffic is organized, which went to the Cypriots from the former colonial state of England, which previously owned the island of Cyprus. That is why tourists coming to Cyprus should drive very carefully, especially when overtaking and at intersections.

But immediately it is worth noting that the traffic on the roads of Cyprus is organized quite well and competently: the markings on the roads are clear and understandable, all signs and road signs are necessarily duplicated in English and arranged in such a way that they are very clearly visible. In addition, Cypriots are polite on the roads and are sympathetic to tourists moving on a rented vehicle. Local drivers, knowing that travelers who come to Cyprus need some time to adapt to the left-hand traffic, will always give a way and help, they will not nervously beep: "let\'s go faster, I\'m in a hurry." Road hogs and cads are rare on the roads of Cyprus and there are not too many cars.

Driving along the roads of Cyprus it is worth remembering that overtaking needs to be done on the right, and signs and traffic signs are on the left.

Many intersections on the island have a circular motion, and if, for example, approaching such an intersection, you need to turn right, then you first need to turn left and go into a circle and from there also turn left. ATTENTION: the opposite lane is located RIGHT!

In addition, the entire rental moto transport in Cyprus has red numbers, as if “warning” the residents of Cyprus that they need to show attention, restraint and caution to this passing vehicle.

As the tourists, who visited Cyprus and rented a vehicle, assert, “reformatting” to the left-sided driving style happens quite quickly - in just a few days the driver feels confident and does not go to the oncoming lane.

Traffic regulations in Cyprus.

It is a pleasure to ride a bike, scooter, moped or motorbike in Cyprus. The traffic on the roads is very quiet, and in some cities, in general, cars pass very rarely. You get used to the left-hand traffic rather quickly and the very next day it seems that it has always gone that way.

Every tourist who comes to rest in Cyprus and who is going to take a motorcycle for rent, in order not to overshadow their vacation, first of all you need to remember the basic rules of the traffic in Cyprus:

  1. There is left-hand traffic on the island
  2. At intersections, the advantage is to the vehicles approaching on the right, and in circular traffic, vehicles moving in a circle.
  3. The driver and all passengers in the car, including those sitting in the back, must be fastened. For the transportation of children under 12 years old, a special chair must be used, which must be installed in the back seat.
  4. Talking on a mobile device while driving a vehicle is prohibited. At the same time, the concept of "driving" also includes staying behind the wheel of a standing car with a running engine. Therefore, to make a phone call or answer a call, you must not only stop the car, but also turn off the engine.
  5. It is forbidden to have food and drink beverages while driving a vehicle.
  6. It is possible to turn right to the green signal of the traffic light even after the turn arrow has gone out. At the same time, it is necessary to skip oncoming cars before the maneuver.
  7. The maximum allowable speed of traffic is: in the village - 50 km/h, on the highway outside the city - 80 km/h, on the highway - 100 km/h. When driving on the highway, there is also a lower speed limit - 65 km/h, the slower of which is prohibited to move.

All drivers in Cyprus are advised to have sunglasses, because during the day the sunlight is too bright and to drive a vehicle without glasses in such conditions is extremely dangerous - the sun can dazzle at the most inopportune moment. It is also known that in the evening, from 4 to 7 pm, it is quite dangerous to travel from east to west of the island, since the dazzling setting sun can also cause an accident.

ATTENTION: technical devices like anti-radar and navigators, which inform about the approach of the vehicle to stationary fixers (radars) of speed and, recently, beloved by many drivers, use in Cyprus is strictly prohibited

Additional information about traffic regulations in Cyprus can be found in the Guide by clicking on the link (, published on the website of the Cyprus Tourism Organization (CAT) -

Fines for violation of traffic rules in Cyprus

Traffic police are seldom on the roads, but any violation of traffic rules can result in a rather large fine. The amount of the penalty for violation of traffic rules will be specified in the receipt, which will be issued by the traffic police officer. Even in the case of a simple violation, the driver will have to part with at least 20 €.

If the driver violates the rules of the road, then, in addition to the fine, the traffic police may confiscate the vehicle, which will be returned to the lessor. Of course, you will not get the money back for renting a vehicle.

Serious violations of traffic rules are considered in court and for them not only an impressive fine can be imposed, but also a sentence of imprisonment. It is also worth noting that it will not be possible to “avoid” the fine, otherwise they will not be released from the country.

Violations for which the driver of a scooter or motorcycle in Cyprus may be fined:

  • For driving without a helmet;
  • For speeding;
  • For driving drunk;
  • For the throwing of garbage on the roadway;
  • For letting a scooter or motorcycle to highways;
  • For an accident committed by a drunk motorcycle rider, a deprivation of driving license for sure.

It is worth noting that in Cyprus for drivers there is a permissible measure of blood alcohol content - 0.22 ppm. In the official table of the influence of such an amount of alcohol on the body, it is said that a person has a heightened mood and some changes in behavior that are visible only to those people who know well the drinking person.

This level of alcohol content in the body is considered the maximum permissible, but you should always remember that the road is not a place for tipsy drivers, because there we are talking about the safety and life of other people.

Petrol in Cyprus

There is no problem with petrol in Cyprus, the only thing when traveling around the island on a scooter, we recommend to make sure and carry a small canister or a bottle of gasoline with you in order not to stall somewhere on the road or in the mountains. You can also ride near settlements and near gas stations, or at least know where they are.

The cost of gasoline in Cyprus is about 1.3 euros per 1 liter.

Rental of mopeds, scooters and motorcycles in Cyprus.

Resting in Cyprus, many travelers willingly use the unique opportunity to ride on a magical island on a rented scooter, moped, scooter and other types of motor transport and get to know Cyprus better. It’s good now in Cyprus you can find a huge number of different types of motorcycles, provided for rent, the diversity of which allows each tourist to make your vacation much more interesting and richer.

Renting a moped or a scooter in Cyprus is a less expensive option than, for example, renting a car. This type of transport is ideal for those tourists who travel around the island alone or double. In addition, renting a scooter in Cyprus is the cheapest way to travel around the island, because in this situation you can save money not only on renting a vehicle, but also significantly reduce fuel costs.

It is important to note that while riding a scooter or a moped in Cyprus, it is necessary to wear a helmet, as for its absence a penalty is imposed in the form of a considerable fine.

By renting a scooter or moped in Cyprus, you can discover those hidden places of the island, which are usually hidden from the eyes of tourists and that will give you a lot of new experience and unforgettable emotions. High-quality road surface, as well as the mild Cypriot climate, are only conducive to renting motorcycles in Cyprus and quickly get to any island attractions or other right place, as well as drive where the car cannot go.

On this page you will find a list of the best, proven and inexpensive types of motor transport that can be rented in Cyprus, with airport delivery, and also to various cities of the island: Paphos, Ayia Napa, Larnaca, Limassol, etc.

Rent a quad in Cyprus

Many tourists, in addition to a scooter or motorcycle, rent a quad bike to travel around the island of Cyprus. On a quad as well as on any other type of motorcycle, you can travel around Cyprus and visit the most interesting, unusual and difficult places of the island, such as the popular Cape Greco or Ayia Napa Monastery.

To rent a quad in Cyprus, you must have a license with an open category "B" (car). Rental companies in Cyprus do not require an international certificate, although some of them may limit the range of travel.

Important: when riding a quad, you must wear a helmet not only for safety, but also to avoid a fine, about 85 euros, for driving without a helmet.

If you are bored with monotonous beach days and want to diversify your holiday in Cyprus, it means that the time has come for an active holiday and unforgettable impressions received from riding on an island on a quad bike.

Attention: on quad bikes you cannot move on highways of Cyprus.

Rent a buggy in Cyprus.

In Cyprus, among other things, you can rent a buggy, if you have driver\'s license category "B".

What is a buggy? It is not big, two-seated car with small wheels and good cross country ability to drive all terrain where the ordinary car doesn’t pass through.

The buggy is distinguished by high maneuverability and is excellent for driving both in the city and outside it, and is also a rather convenient type of transport that does not require large rental costs and gasoline.

Remember that when riding a buggy, you should always wear a helmet, as it is necessary not only for your safety, but also in order to avoid a substantial fine from traffic police. Also, never drive a buggy while intoxicated.

To rent a buggy, you need a passport and a driver license category "B". One of the main terms of renting is a credit card. It is necessary to be particularly careful when driving, because in some cases you can be charged up to 1000 euros for its repair.

The cost of the rental depends on the model, as well as the number of days. Thus, one day of rental costs about 75 €, the cost of renting for two or three days is 65 € for each, and if you take buggy for 4 days or more, the rental price is about 60 €/day.

What to consider when renting a quad or buggy in Cyprus?

  • Quad or buggies are allowed everywhere but highways. The list of roads is usually provided when renting a vehicle.
  • Always give way to cars and motorcycles.
  • Quads are quite reliable vehicles, but one should bear in mind that when driving off-road, you can damage or tear off a wing, trunk or other parts of it. For all damages one can pay from 50 to 150 euros.
  • When riding a quad or buggy, always (!!!) wear a helmet, as this is not only for your safety, but also a guarantee that the traffic police will not stop and fine you for driving without it.
  • When riding a quad bike or buggy, be sure to take sunglasses with you, as the sun in Cyprus is very blinding.
  • The more powerful the quad, the more expensive it is, but then you have more opportunities for off-road driving and get more pleasure out of it.

Possible pitfalls when renting quads or buggies in Cyprus.

  • Dishonest rental companies can palm you off not the most efficient motorcycles, or simply not be aware of any problems. That is why, we strongly recommend before renting to make a test circle near the rental point, listen to the work of the motor, check the brakes and the general functionality. If you have any doubts, it is better to replace the quad bike or buggy.
  • Carefully read the lease agreement, especially items about damage to motorcycles, insurance claims and the return of the deposit.
  • Before signing the contract, it is necessary to inspect the quad or buggy completely and record (photo, video) with the manager all scratches, chips, faults, etc.

Advantages of renting a moped, scooter or motorcycle in Cyprus:

  • Easy, convenient and fairly cheap mean of transport;
  • Maneuverability and speed of movement through urban traffic jams;
  • Motorcycles can even be taken by someone who does not have a driving license of category "B" (car);
  • Parking of moto transport is possible almost anywhere, in contrast to cars ;
  • Low fuel consumption;
  • You can visit the most inaccessible and hidden places where the car will not pass;
  • Adrenaline, new impressions and emotions;
  • Romance of travel - scooter or motorcycle is perfect for those who are traveling alone, or a couple in love.

The most popular places to rent a scooter, moped, motorcycle, quad bike or buggy in Cyprus are Paphos, Ayia Napa, Larnaca and Limassol. This is not surprising, since there are many interesting, diverse and inaccessible to the car attractions, such as Cape Greco, Salt Lake or Akamas Peninsula, close to these popular tourist towns.

Rental conditions for moto vehicles in Cyprus.

To rent a scooter, moped, motorcycle and other types of motorcycles in Cyprus, you must have a driving license of category "A" (Moto) or "B" (car). Russian driving license can be both old and new, but they must be valid at least one year. International license on the island is not needed.

For renting a quad with an engine capacity of up to 50 cc. license is not needed.

In addition, the driver must reach the age of 21 years, and some rental companies on the island provide motorcycles to people over 25 years old. Minimum driving experience must be at least 3 years. Also, when making a lease agreement, the driver will need to leave a deposit or a document as a security.

Novice drivers and those who have forgotten the driving license at home will be able to ride around the island only as a passenger, since renting a scooter, motorcycle or quad bike in Cyprus is impossible without it. Attempting to negotiate with the employees of the rental companies usually ends to no avail, since none of the leasers want to take serious responsibility for the relatively small rental price. The fact is that Cyprus is part of the European Union (EU), and therefore the laws there are quite severe, and the fines are impressive.

It is also worth recalling that before renting a vehicle, it is necessary to pre-inspect the vehicle for chips, scratches and other types of damage. All defects should be recorded in the lease agreement, and also it is better to photograph them.

Insurance and deposit when renting a motorcycle in Cyprus

Before renting motorcycles in Cyprus, it is necessary to clarify with the rental company whether this vehicle has insurance and is included in the rental price. In addition, each leaser determines the deposit for a particular type of transport, that is, the insurance amount paid by the driver before renting motorcycles and which they will pay in case of damage.

Mandatory requirement for all distributors - purchase insurance when renting.

All conditions and restrictions you can read going to the "Rental conditions" tab.

The cost of renting a moped, scooter and motorcycle in Cyprus.

Quite often, tourists ask - how much does it cost to rent a scooter, motorcycle or quad bike in Cyprus? The question is reasonable, as motorcycle technology is now the most convenient, mobile and inexpensive vehicle in order to overcome short distances both within the city and between settlements. The cost of renting a scooter in Cyprus is lower than other types of transport, besides renting a motorcycle allows you to save on fuel costs.

Prices for renting motorcycles in Cyprus vary depending on the city of rent, the company, the type and model of motorcycles, as well as the terms of the lease. The cost of renting a scooter for 1 day starts from 15 euros, and if you take a moped immediately for a period of 7 days, the rental price starts from 8-10 euros / day and even lower.

The cost of renting a motorcycle in Cyprus is about 15-20 €/day, and you can rent a quad bike at a price 40-60 euros per day. Buggy in Cyprus, depending on the size, can be rented from 50 € / day.

It is also worth noting that the cost of renting a motorcycle in the high season (July-August) is more expensive, and in low season (spring and autumn) - cheaper.

Rent a bike in Cyprus.

In addition to the rental of motorcycles, Cyprus also has companies that rent bicycles, kick scooters and other types of bicycle transport. Thanks to the bike rental service, tourists can ride in various cities of Cyprus, along the coast or go out of town to the mountains, where special cycling routes with incredibly beautiful nature and stunning panoramic views are laid. For example, renting a bike in Larnaca, you can ride along mountain serpentines and cycle routes of varying difficulty: from soft slopes to extreme mountain sections of the path.

Unique cycling routes with signposts and special blue markings are laid in the most beautiful areas of the island of Cyprus: in Nicosia, on the Akamas peninsula, along the Limassol embankment, and also by bike you can ride along the road from Ayia Napa to Greco.

Conditions and cost of renting a bicycle in Cyprus.

The conditions for renting bicycles in most Cypriot firms are extremely simple - you just need to pay the required amount for the selected number of rental days and make a deposit (sum for insurance). Many rental companies, when givin a bicycle, do not even take a pledge of documents, limited to a deposit.

It is worth noting that, due to the ever-growing popularity and relative cheapness of this type of transport, it is best to pre-book a bicycle on the desired dates and make an advance payment from 10% to 20%.

The cost of renting bicycles in Cyprus depends on the city, type of bike (highway, mountain, sport, children’s, etc.), its condition and the number of days of rent. You can rent a bike in Cyprus for a few hours or for an unlimited number of days.

For example, the rental price of a mountain bike or tandem in Protaras, Paphos, Nicosia, Larnaca and other popular tourist cities will range 10–15 €/day. The average cost of renting a road bike in Cyprus, depending on the number of days: from 1 to 3 days - 5-7 €/day; 4 to 6 days - 3 €/day and more than 7 days - 2 €/day.

After all above mentioned, you will most likely be left with the only question: “Which rental company for bicycles, motorcycles, mopeds and scooters to choose in Cyprus?”

Which bike or motorbike rental to choose in Cyprus?

There are a lot of companies for the rental of bicycles, mopeds, scooters, motorcycles, quads and buggies in Cyprus. However, it is much easier, faster and safer to find and book online a reliable bicycle or moto transport on the site - this is where the best and proven rental companies in Cyprus are assembled.

The advantages of for renting a bicycle, motorcycle, moped, scooter and other types of bicycle or moto transport in Cyprus:

  • a large fleet of only the best vehicles from proven rental companies,
  • various types and models of bicycle or moto transport for rent: road bike, sports bike, mountain bike, scooter, moped, classic motorcycle, cross-country motorcycle, chopper, sports motorcycle, quad bike, buggy, etc .;
  • You choose not a class or type of bike or moto transport, but a specific model, the description of which is given when booking,
  • reasonable prices
  • consultation when choosing a vehicle.

On the website you can rent the following types of scooters: classic, Vespa, moped, scooter, with sidecar, with automatic or manual transmission, with two or three wheels, large maxi-scooters, travel, electric. Also, on our website you can rent motorcycles of the following manufacturers: Adly, Aeon, Aprilia, Piaggio, Bajaj, Benelli, Beta, BMW, Derbi, Gilera, Honda, Kawasaki, Kymco, LML, Malaguti, Peugeot, PGO, Suzuki, SYM, TVS, Vespa, Yamaha.

When booking a bicycle or motorcycle on, you can also order the following additional services: helmet for the passenger, GPS navigation, unlimited mileage, case for things, side cases, gloves, motorcycle equipment, individual guide or sightseeing tour, map, full insurance, delivery to the hotel and much more.

With our search service and online booking of bicycle and moto transport in Cyprus, you can take a vehicle in one place, for example, at the airport, and return it at the city of your stay. You can take a scooter in Paphos, and return, for example, in Ayia Napa - agree, it is very convenient. You can also take or return motorcycles even in the place of the island of Cyprus, which is not presented on the site yet, having agreed in advance with the manager. Moreover, the delivery of mopeds, scooters and motorcycles in many cities of Cyprus is completely free of charge.

How to rent a bike, motorcycle, moped, scooter, quad bike or bicycle in Cyprus on the site

  1. After entering the necessary data in the search form (city, date and time of receipt / return, type of transport) and clicking on the "Search" button, you will be offered all the models of motorcycle or cycle equipment according to the specified parameters. You can also use the "Advanced Search" to select a specific model of a bicycle, moped or motorcycle, as well as select the fields "Free delivery" and "Discounts and promotions."
  2. Choosing your favorite model of scooter, moped, motorcycle or bicycle, you go to the pop-up reservation window;
  3. In the order window, specify the place of receipt and return of the moped / motorcycle / bicycle, as well as the personal data of the driver (Name, phone number, e-mail address) and click on the "Book" button;
  4. After that, your order is sent to the dispatcher, and you receive an email about your order with all the specified data (have a look in the Inbox or Spam folder);
  5. If there are any controversial or incomprehensible moments in the order, and also if this scooter / moped / motorcycle / bicycle is not available, then the manager will contact you to clarify all information about the order: details, comments, rental conditions, etc., changes the required data and confirms the order. If everything is good in the order and on the specified dates there is an ordered model of bicycle or moto transport, then the manager immediately confirms the order
  6. After confirming the order, you will receive an e-mail with an invoice for making a prepayment from 5 to 20% (have a look in the Inbox or Spam folder);
  7. After making the prepayment, you will be sent an e-mail with a payment receipt and a voucher with all the booking information (have a look in the Inbox or Spam folder);
  8. A moped/motorcycle / quad / bicycle is brought to your place of stay or to a place previously agreed with the manager;
  9. The manager of the rental company draws up a contract, photographs the initial state of the motorcycle or bicycle and your driving license (when renting motor transport);
  10. You pay to the manager the remaining amount of rent, leave a deposit (all this is indicated in the Voucher) and take the motorcycle, moped, scooter, quad bike or bicycle.

On the website page you can easily find the right scooter, moped, scooter, maxi scooter, motorcycle, quad bike or bicycle, at low prices, with full insurance and excellent service. If you are looking for a rent of motorcycle or bicycle in Cyprus, then just use the search form at the top of this page and we will do everything possible to make your holiday in Cyprus unforgettable and leave you only with pleasant memories.

Have a good trip and enjoy your holiday!

Going on vacation to the island of Cyprusevery traveler who wants to rent a scooter, moped, motorcycle, quad bike, bicycle or other types of motorcycle or bicycle transport, has basically the same questions about the conditions for renting bicycles and motorcycles on Cyprus. Below we will try to answer most of these questions.

If you want to know about something in detail, and also to clarify any information or ask a question that interests you, please contact us at e-mail ( or via the feedback form on the site and we will answer to you soon.

General conditions for renting motorcycles, mopeds, scooters, quad bikes, buggies and other types of motorcycles in Cyprus:

The age of the tenant (driver)

The minimum age of the tenant (driver) is 21 years. Some rental companies on the island provide motorcycles to people of 25 years and older.

Driver`s license

Driver\'s license: national, European or international of any type and relevant category, valid for at least one year. Drivers with experience of less than one year and those who "forgot" the driver\'s license at home will be able to drive around Cyprus only as a passenger, since renting any motorized vehicles on the island without it is impossible.
  • For renting a moped, scooter or other motorcycle, engine capacity up to 50 cubic cm. inclusive, you must have a driver\'s license subcategory "M" or the license of any other category (for example, "A", "B", etc.)
  • To rent a quad with an engine capacity of up to 50 cc. license is not needed
  • To rent a quad with an engine capacity above 50 cc. Driving license of "B" category is required
  • For renting mopeds or motorcycles over 50 cc. You must have a driver\'s license of "A" category.

Driving experience

  • for rental of mopeds and motorcycles up to 250 cubic cm. inclusive - not less than 1 year
  • for motorcycles over 250 cc. - at least 3 years.

The rental company manager has the right to refuse to provide motorcycles for rent at any time if the age, driver’s license or driver’s experience does not meet the requirements.

Minimum rental period for motorcycles: 1 hour or 1 day (24 hours).

  • Charged rental period - 1 hour. When renting a motorcycle for an incomplete hour, the payment is charged as for the whole hour. For example, if the scooter was rented for 1 hour and returned after 1 hour and 20 minutes, then the payment would be taken for 2 hours.
  • The chargeable rental period is 24 hours When renting a motorcycle for a day and the delay of return for 1 hour or more, the fee is charged as for the whole day. For example, if a moped was rented on Friday at 10:00 am, and returned on Sunday at 12:00 pm, the rental price would be taken for 3 full days.

If during the operation of a scooter, moped or motorcycle you want to extend the rental time, you must inform us or the rental company manager in advance. All contacts are listed in the rental agreement, as well as in the voucher.

Before the start of the lease, a contract for the provided service is concluded between the rental company and the tenant, so you need to have an identity document with you and driver\'s license.

When renting a motorcycle, the driver also leaves a deposit - the insurance amount, which is indicated when ordering and returned at the time of returning the motorcycle. The deposit is deducted from the credit card of the tenant or taken in cash at the place of rental of the motorcycle.

!!! Some rental companies in Cyprus also, in addition to the deposit, take a document (or a copy) confirming their identity as a pledge.

The start of the rental of motorized vehicles is calculated from the moment of signing the Rental Agreement and the Act of acceptance. A contact or additional phone number specified when booking must be available during the entire rental of the moto. All claims for the quality of service will not be considered if the tenant during the use of the leased equipment was not able to be contacted by mobile phone.

Before renting, you must first and inspect the vehicle for chips, scratches and other types of damage thoroughly. All damages should be fixed in the lease agreement, and also it is better to photograph them.

Insurance when renting a motorcycle in Cyprus

Different rental companies in Cyprus use different types of insurance. In some, the tenant is fully liable in the event of theft, as well as for any damage to motorcycles by third parties. In others, vehicles are insured against theft and fire, and drivers are protected from liability to third parties for causing injury or material damage. Information about insurance can be found when renting a motorcycle.

ATTENTION!!! The insurance company is not liable if at the time of the accident the driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs, as well as after using drugs that are contraindicated in driving.

Transfer of leased motor transport to a third party is strictly prohibited. The tenant is fully liable if at the time of the accident he handed over the vehicle to a person not specified in the rental agreement.

Payment of all traffic violations, fines and parking is the responsibility of the tenant.

Rented motor transport returns with the same amount of fuel that was at the time of the start of its lease. In the opposite case, the tenant will be charged for fuel consumption at a rental company rates. With more fuel, the difference is not returned to the client.

Moto technics returned in its pure form, as well as in good technical and visual condition, which was at the time of the beginning of its lease. After inspecting the moto transport, the rental company returns the full value of the deposit to the client. If during the return the motor transport is dirty or faulty, then its washing and repair is done at the expense of the client.

Note:: If the vehicle is returned before the return date, the funds for the remaining days will not be returned.

To book a motor vehicle you must pay an advance of 10-20% of the rental price.

  • If a reservation is canceled 6 days before or more, the entire amount of the advance is refunded to the client
  • If the reservation is canceled from (1) one to (5) five days before the start of the rental, the advance payment will not be returned to the tenant.
  • If the vehicle is booked on the same day as the beginning of the lease and the client does not appear at the place of receipt, the advance payment is not refunded.

tenant must immediately inform the rental company about the cancellation of the booking or send us an e-mail:

The lessee is not entitled to use the vehicle for racing, traveling in the sand (if the vehicle is not designed for this purpose) and demonstrating various tricks.

Depending on the rental company and the leased vehicle, the mileage can be either without restrictions or set a daily limit on mileage. All conditions are indicated when booking a motor vehicle in the order window

The tenant is obliged to observe the territory of operation of the leased motor transport.

In the event of a traffic accident or in the event of a technical malfunction of motorcycles, the tenant must immediately inform the rental company or us..

The cost of renting a motorcycle in Cyprus

The cost of renting a motorcycle, moped, scooter, quad bike, buggy and other types of motorized vehicles in Cyprus depends on the place of receipt and return, the season, the type of motorcycle and the number of days of rental. You can rent a motorcycle in Cyprus for a few hours or for an unlimited number of days.

The cost of renting motorcycles includes:

  • 24-hour rental period
  • Replacement of transport in case of breakdown
  • Helmet for the driver
  • Unlimited mileage or limited daily mileage

Terms of renting a bike, scooter and other types of cycling in Cyprus

The general conditions of bicycle rental in most companies in Cyprus are extremely simple and clear - to rent a bike you only need to pay the rental price for the selected number of days and make a deposit (insured sum). Many rental companies, when giving a bicycle, do not take documents as collateral, limited only by a deposit - the insured amount.

The cost of rental bicycle in Cyprus

The cost of renting a bicycle, scooter and other types of cycling transport in Cyprus depends on the city of receipt and return, the type of bicycle (mountain, city, road, etc.), the technical condition, the number of leased units and the number of rental days. You can rent a bike in Cyprus for a few hours or for any number of days, respectively, the more days you rent, the less will be the price of renting a bicycle per 1 day.

For example, the price of renting a mountain bike in such popular tourist destinations as Paphos, Nicosia, Larnaca and others will be around 10 euros per day. The average rental price of a road (city) bike in Cyprus, depending on the number of days, will be within 7 €/day.

Due to the ever-growing popularity and relative cheapness of motorcycle and bicycle transport, it is best to pre-book a scooter, moped, motorcycle, quad bike or bicycle for the desired dates.

The process of renting a bicycle, motorcycle, moped, scooter or scooter on the site

  • You choose an appropriate motorcycle for you on the website page and place your order;
  • The manager will contact you, clarify all the conditions of the lease and confirm the order;
  • After confirming the order, you will receive an e-mail with a link to make a prepayment - 10-20% of the rental price (look in the Inbox or Spam folder);
  • After payment of the advance, you will receive an e-mail with a booking voucher with all the information about the order and a receipt for the prepayment (look in the Inbox or Spam folder);
  • Motorcycle or bicycle transport is brought to the place specified at registration or to a place previously agreed with the manager;
  • The rental company manager draws up a contract, photographs the initial condition of the vehicle and your driving license;
  • You pay the remaining amount specified in the voucher, and leave the deposit;
  • Take a scooter, moped, bicycle, motorcycle or quad bike, ride around the island of Cyprus and enjoy the rest :)

Have a good trip and enjoy your holiday!

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