Agreement on cooperation

Agreement on cooperation (partnership) and joint activities

The use of the site (hereinafter the Site) is possible only under the conditions set forth in this Cooperation Agreement (partnership) and joint activities (hereinafter the "Cooperation Agreement"). If you do not agree with the terms of this Agreement, then you should immediately stop using the Site. Using the Site means that you agree to the terms of the Cooperation Agreement (partnership) and joint activities.

1. Terms and definitions.

1.1. Site - Internet resource located on the Internet at Under the Site, depending on the context, we also mean the Site’s software, the design (graphic design) of the Site, the Site’s Database, any section of it (“Home”, “Partners”, “Owners”, etc.) and a subsection, any category and subcategory, as well as information posted on the Site by its Administration.
1.2. The site administration is the company “Your Way Decisions OÜ” (Registry code: 14710260, Address: Harju maakond, Kuusalu vald, Pudisoo küla, Männimäe, 74626, Estonia), which owns all the relevant exclusive property rights to the Site, including the rights to the site domain name and administration of it.
1.3. Partner is a tenant, the owner of a rental company or an individual who has passed the Registration Procedure on the Site as a partner-lessor, has received an individual login and / or password, and also has his own Profile. Any individual or legal entity using the Site or accessing the Site, thereby automatically confirms that he fully agrees with the provisions of the terms of the Cooperation Agreement, and that the requirements established by this Cooperation Agreement apply to them.
1.4. Personal Account / Partner Profile / Profile is a special subsection of the Site, where the Partner’s personal information, the order table, information about the rented vehicles, as well as other information that only this Partner can place.
1.5. Client / User - any individual or legal entity (except the people under the age of 18) who meets all the requirements of the current Rules for using the online booking system on the Site, and uses the Site for the purpose of ordering, renting or buying a product and (or a) the services provided by the Partner.
1.6. Goods and / or services are a bicycle, a kick scooter, an electric bike, a moped, a scooter, a maxi scooter, a motorcycle, a tricycle, an ATV, a buggy, and other types of bicycle or moto transport owned by the Partner and provided them for rent on the Site.
1.7. Information is any information, messages or data, regardless of the form of their presentation, posted by the Partner on the Site, including: personal data of the Partner, data on their company, links to other sites, any text messages, photographs (images), audio and / or video works, computer programs, and other files.
1.8. The database is an objective form of providing and organizing aggregate data, organized in such a way that these data can be found and processed using the software and hardware of the Site.
1.9. Spam is mass, unauthorized and / or unexpected recipients postal and other mailings of advertising, information, campaign or other nature.

Any terms and concepts used in the Agreement and not reflected in the section “Terms and Definitions” will be interpreted in accordance with the meaning arising from the text of the Cooperation Agreement. In case of any disagreement regarding the interpretation of the term and / or the concept used in the Cooperation Agreement, the interpretation that are determined by the Site Administration will be applied.

2. General provisions

2.1. The subject of the Cooperation Agreement is the regulation of mutual rights and obligations of the contracting parties in relation to the provision by the Partner of its goods and (or) services through the Site.
2.2. By registering a Partner on the Site and activating it, the Parties confirm that the interests of each of them correspond to joint and coordinated cooperation in the rental of motorcycles, cycling or any other type of transport previously agreed upon.
2.3. In the case of renting or purchasing by client a product and / or service, the Partner undertakes to pay the Site Administration a remuneration in the amount of 15 (fifteen)% of the total order value. VAT is also included. This remuneration is withheld by the Site Administration from the Client as an advance payment amount when they book goods and (or) services through the Site.
2.4. The Parties undertake to carry out joint actions in the above area in the manner and on the terms of this Cooperation Agreement, as well as individual agreements concluded between the Parties in order to realize common interests and achieve common goals.
2.5. To ensure the most rapid and effective achievement of common goals, the Parties undertake to exchange information at their disposal regarding their joint interests, as well as to conduct negotiations and joint consultations if necessary.
2.6. The parties undertake to take all necessary measures to preserve confidential information received by them from each other in the process of cooperation, in accordance with the terms of this agreement.
2.7. Parties may organize joint actions, contests and other types of joint activities aimed at attracting customers. Specific types and forms of cooperation of the Parties, as well as the possible attraction of resources to achieve joint goals and common interests, are negotiated by the Parties separately, by concluding relevant agreements and contracts.
2.8. The parties have the right to refuse the offers of each other, if the proposed transactions are economically unprofitable by one of the parties, or if the party is unable to execute this order properly.
2.9. Revenues received from the implementation of joint activities and business cooperation of the Parties are distributed in each specific case in accordance with the Cooperation Agreement, as well as a separate agreement of the Parties by entering into appropriate additional agreements.
2.10. The Parties certify that this Agreement does not impose on the Parties any legal obligations regarding the conclusion in the future of any additional agreements or cooperation agreements with third parties.
2.11. The current edition of the Cooperation Agreement is always on the page of the website in the Internet at:

3. Rights and obligations of the "Site Administration" 

3.1. The site administration has the right to:

3.1.1. Сonduct, at its own expense and at its discretion, various advertising campaigns aimed at promoting its services , as well as the goods and / or services of the Partner, posted on the Site.
3.1.2. Search and attract potential Clients to the Site to familiarize them with the goods and (or) services offered by the Partner.
3.1.3. Modify on the Website by design and / or functionality both the search and order form for goods and (or) services, as well as any individual fields and data in it. Any changes in the search and order form are notified in advance to the Partner in writing or orally.
3.1.4. Define of any way of placing the data of the Partner, on the Site.
3.1.5. Modify, delete or add any information fields in the Partner’s Personal Account by notifying them in advance in writing or orally.

3.2. The site administration accepts the following obligations:

3.2.1. Place on the Website up-to-date, reliable and verified information about the Partner, as well as about its products and (or) services provided by the Partner on the basis of clause 4.2.1. of this Cooperation Agreement.
3.2.2. Provide the Partner with full information about the methods of ordering by the Customer of his goods and (or) services through the Site, as well as all methods of notifying the Partner about the order of the Customer’s goods and (or) services.
3.2.3. Promptly inform the Partner about the Customer’s order of his product and / or service, via email, sms or phone call. All contact details for communication with the Partner are specified in clause 11 of this Cooperation Agreement.
3.2.4. Provide customers with constant access, as well as monitor the technical condition and, as far as possible, eliminate errors and update the search and order form for goods and / or services on the Site.
3.2.5. Promptly notify the Partner of any changes in the form of searching and ordering goods and (or) services, and in the data provided to the Customer about the product and (or) service on its Site.
3.2.6. Make any changes to the goods and (or) services, including the prices of goods and (or) services, on your Site within 24 (twenty four) hours from the date of receipt of the notification from the Partner. Notification of changes is sent by email, SMS or other means, but in any case in such a way that it confirms that the notification was delivered to the Partner.
3.2.7. Upon the expiration of a calendar month, at the latest, within 5 working days, provide the Partner with an invoice for the total amount of remuneration based on the amount of commission provided for in paragraph 2.3. of this Cooperation Agreement.

4. Rights and obligations of the “Partner”

4.1. Partner has the right to:

4.1.1. Receive from the Site Administration information about the Customers who ordered their product and (or) service through the Site.
4.1.2. Request from the Site Administration full information about the order of his product and (or) service received from the Client.
4.1.3. To provide the Site Administration with all the materials necessary to advertise the products and / or services posted on the Site.
4.1.4. Receive from the Site Administration all the necessary information about the methods of working with the Client and how to obtain data on the order of goods and (or) services, including confirmation or refusal of the order by the Client.

4.2. Partner undertakes to:

4.2.1. Provide the Site Administration with up-to-date and reliable information both about themselves and about the products and (or) services provided: company data, description, contact details, photos, logos, prices, catalogs, technical documentation, advertising samples and other necessary information discretion, information for the Site Administration to fulfill the obligations specified in clause 3.2.1. of this Cooperation Agreement.
4.2.2. Present to the Site Administration the prices for goods and services not higher than in any other official sources: the Partner’s website, the page on the Partner’s social networks, publications in the social networks, the prices in the Partner’s office, advertising booklets, flyers, etc., the exception of there may be special promotions that are held for a limited time on a small amount of goods and (or) services. Also under this rule does not fall discounts that the Partner provides its regular customers.
4.2.3. Notify the Site Administration of any change in the price of any product and (or) service from its range no later than 24 (twenty four) hours before the price change takes effect.
4.2.4. After the Customer has ordered the goods and (or) services, confirm or refuse this order by pressing the corresponding acceptance / rejection buttons in the Order Letter, which is sent to the Partner at the email address specified in paragraph 12 of this Cooperation Agreement.
4.2.5. Train your employees on how to accept or refuse, as well as keeping and closing all orders of Clients received from the Site or from the Site Administration.
4.2.6. To inform the Site Administration and the Client about the reasons for non-fulfillment of the order and the possibility of providing an alternative option.
4.2.7. Inform the Website Administration about the fulfillment of the order and full payment by the Customer of the goods provided and (or) services via e-mail, sms or phone call. All contact details for communication with the Site Administration are listed in paragraph 11 of this Agreement.
4.2.8. In timely manner pay the Site Administration, billed by it orders of goods and (or) services on the basis of paragraph 5 of this Cooperation Agreement.

5. The procedure for settlements

5.1. All settlements between the Parties are carried out for specifically performed work and mutual services in accordance with this Cooperation Agreement, as well as additional agreements.
5.2. The Remuneration (part or all of the amount) is deducted by the Site Administration from the Client’s funds paid when booking the goods and (or) services as an advance payment amount and received on the Site Administration’s current account on the basis of clause 2.3. of this Cooperation Agreement.
5.3. If, after the Customer has made an advance payment for the reservation of goods and (or) services, the received amount of money to the settlement account of the Site Administration is greater than the commission specified in clause 2.3 of this Agreement, the difference is paid to the Partner to the settlement account indicated by them in this Cooperation Agreement, or otherwise, pre-negotiated between the Parties, methods.
5.2. Upon expiration of 1 (_ one_) calendar month (s), the Site Administration provides the Partner with an Invoice for the total amount of its remuneration, which the Client has not paid as a prepayment.
5.3. If there are no objections, the Partner makes payments to the Site Administration in accordance with clause 2.3. of this Cooperation Agreement within 30 (thirty) business days from the date of receipt of the invoice.
5.4. The payment of remuneration is made by the Partner by transferring money to the settlement account of the Site Administration indicated in the invoice.
5.5. Partner’s remuneration payments are made in euros or in any other currency agreed by the Parties in advance and specified in this Cooperation Agreement.

6. Cancellation of an order or replacement of a product and / or service

6.1. The partner has the right to refuse the execution of the received order of goods and (or) services. However, with frequent refusals of orders (more than 3 times in one week), the Site Administration has the right to exclude all goods and (or) Partner’s services from the Site and from its search and booking system, as well as terminate this Cooperation Agreement.
6.2. Cancellation of an already ordered product and (or) service by a Partner is possible due to force majeure, weather and other conditions and force majeure circumstances beyond our control. In this case, if the Client does not agree with the new terms of the provision, as well as the quality and other characteristics of the new product or service, the Site Administration will return to it the entire amount (100%) of the prepayment made by the Customer when booking the product and (or) service.
6.3. In case of replacement of the goods and (or) services, as well as any other change in the order, the Partner is obliged to notify the Client and the Site Administration no later than 24 (twenty four) hours prior to the provision of the goods and (or) services. In this case, if the Client does not agree with the new terms of the provision, as well as the quality and other characteristics of the new product or service, the Site Administration returns to the Customer the full amount (100%) of the prepayment made by them when booking the product and (or) service.
6.4. If the client refuses an order that has already been paid after 72 hours (3 days), the full amount of the advance (with the exception of the bank commission of 4%) is transferred to the Partner as compensation for the “burned” reservation. The site administration in this case does not deduct any commission from the Partner.

7. Procedure for amendment and termination of the contract

7.1. Amendment, addition and termination of this Cooperation Agreement are allowed by mutual agreement of the Parties, as well as in a different manner in the cases established by the law of the country in which the activity is carried out, or by the clauses of this agreement.
7.2. The Agreement may be terminated unilaterally at the initiative of one of the Parties by sending a written notice at least 7_ (__seven) days before the date of termination of the Cooperation Agreement.
7.3. Changes and additions to this agreement are made in a separate written agreement, if such a change or addition is made by mutual agreement of the Parties.
7.4. In any case, upon termination of the Cooperation Agreement, the cancellation period is 30 working days, and each contracting party is obliged to fulfill all of its contractual obligations before the final termination of the Agreement.

8. Responsibilities of the parties

8.1. The Partner is fully responsible for the quality of the delivered goods and (or) services, as well as for any difference in the visual appearance or technical condition of the provided goods, if it differs from the one on the Site.
8.2. The site administration is not responsible for the accuracy, relevance and accuracy of the data indicated by the Partner about itself or its products and (or) services posted on the Site.
8.3. The parties are exempt from liability for failure to perform or improper performance of duties if this is caused by the action of force majeure. In the event of such circumstances and the impossibility of full or partial fulfillment by one of the Parties of its obligations under this Cooperation Agreement, namely: fire, natural disasters, military operations of any nature, blockade, prohibitions of export or import or other circumstances beyond the control of the Parties, due date obligations shifts in proportion to the time during which such circumstances will act.

9. Dispute Resolution Procedure

9.1. All disagreements and disputes that may arise between the Parties in connection with the execution of this Cooperation Agreement are resolved through negotiations.
9.2. If, as a result of negotiations, the Parties could not reach mutual agreement on the disputes that had arisen, as well as if one of the Parties refuses to hold negotiations, the dispute is resolved in a court of law, established by the legislation of the country where the Partner operates.

10. Final provisions

10.1. Each of the Parties confirms that all clauses of this Cooperation Agreement have been read and understood and undertakes to comply fully with all the conditions of this Agreement.
10.2. After the Partner’s registration on the Site and, accordingly, their agreement with all the terms of this Cooperation Agreement, all preliminary negotiations on it, personal correspondence and other preliminary agreements that relate to this Agreement one way or another, lose their legal force.
10.3. All legal relations arising in connection with the execution of this Cooperation Agreement and not regulated by it are governed by the applicable laws of the country in which the Partner operates.
10.4. The parties have given each other consent to the processing, distribution and use of personal data contained in this Cooperation Agreement, its annexes, acts concluded for its implementation, with the aim of proper execution of the terms of this agreement and in accordance with the current legislation of the country where Partner operates.
10.5. Access by third parties to the personal data of the Parties is provided only in cases expressly provided for by the current legislation of the country where the Partner operates.
10.6. To facilitate communication in business cooperation and to eliminate possible misunderstandings, the Contracting Parties hereby provide each other with their contact details and business addresses.
10.7. This Cooperation Agreement is made in duplicate, having the same legal force, one for each Party.

11. Details and Signatures of the Parties

Site administration:

The contact person: Your Way Decisions OÜ, Registry code: 14710260 
Legal address: Estonia, Harju maakond, Kuusalu vald, Pudisoo küla, Männimäe, 74626
Post address: Estonia, Harju maakond, Tallinn, Kesklinna linnaosa, Kiriku tn 6, 10130
Phone number: +3727120504
Bank: AS LPB Bank
№ of settlement account: ____________________________________________________


The contact person: _________________________________________________________ 
Legal address: _____________________________________________________________
Post address: ______________________________________________________________
Phone numbers: ____________________________________________________________
E-Mail: ___________________________________________________________________
Tax identification number: ___________________________________________________
Bank: ____________________________________________________________________
№ of settlement account: _____________________________________________________

Site Administraion                                                                 Partner
________________                                                                 ________________
(signature)                                                                                (signature)
stamp                                                                                        stamp