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Single search and rental service for motorcycles around the world

We have only the best mopeds, scooters, motorcycles, snowmobiles and other motorcycles from the legal owners and rental companies personally verified by us.


Favorable tariffs, individual conditions, discounts and promotions

Our prices for motorcycle rental are among the lowest since we work directly with local companies and owners of scooters, mopeds and motorcycles.


Reliability and safety of each model

The provided mototechnics always undergo regular maintenance, as well as professional and high-quality service after each rental.


Variety of types of motorcycles

Large selection of different models and types of motorbikes: Scooter, Moped, Classic motorcycle, Cross-country motorcycle, Chopper, Sports motorcycle, etc. In addition, here you choose not a class or type of motorcycle, but a specific model of scooter, moped or motorcycle.


Convenience and personal approach

With us you can take a motorcycle in one place, for example, at the airport, and return it in your city of residence - you will agree, it is very convenient! In addition, you can take or return motorcycles even in a place or city that is not represented on the site, indicating it when ordering.


24x7 technical support

Our support service will assist you or advise you at any time and in any situation by phone or by e-mail. You can ask us any question that interests you using the feedback form on the website or on social networks (Facebook, Vkontakte, Instagramm, Twitter).

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How to order?

In the search form, select the city of receipt / return, date and time of receipt / return, type of motorcycle and click on the button "Search". You can also select the "Free Shipping" field or use the Advanced Search to select a specific model.

Selecting your favorite model of motorcycles, you go to the pop-up reservation window, where you choose the place of receipt and return in the specified city, as well as the personal data of the driver and click on the "Book" button

After that, your order is sent to the dispatcher for processing, and an information letter about the order with all the data comes to your e-mail address (look in the Inbox or Spam folder)

If the order is issued correctly and on these dates the ordered model of motor-equipment is available, then the manager accepts the order after which you receive an e-mail confirmation letter with the invoice for making a prepayment from 10 to 20% (look in the Inbox or Spam folder).

If there are any controversial or incomprehensible moments in the order, and also if this scooter / moped / motorcycle is not available, then the manager will contact you, clarify the order information, change the necessary data and confirm the order to you by email, an email arrives with an invoice for a prepayment of 10 to 20% (look in the Inbox or Spam folder).

After making a prepayment to your e-mail, letters will be sent with a payment receipt and booking voucher with all the details of the order and prices (look in the Inbox or Spam folder).

The rental company manager brings the moped / motorcycle of your choice to the place and time specified in the order or at a specified time with the dispatcher, photographs the initial condition of the scooter and your driver`s license, draws up a contract.

You pay the remaining amount, leave a deposit (all indicated when ordering and in the Voucher), take the scooter / motorcycle and enjoy the rest to the full.

On our site you can easily find the right scooter, moped, scooter, maxi scooter or motorcycle that is right for you. We will do our best to ensure that your trip leaves only pleasant memories.
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The advantages of renting mopeds, scooters and motorcycles

Recently, renting a motorcycle, scooter or moped in various cities and countries of Europe and the world is becoming increasingly popular with both locals and many tourists. Now it`s quite easy to rent not only a car or a bicycle, but also a fast, convenient and compact two-wheeled vehicle - a moped, scooter or motorcycle. Such a travel option is ideal for traveling in many countries and is an excellent alternative to road transport, especially in the summer season, when there is a huge amount of tourists and cars on the roads: driving without traffic jams, minimal fuel consumption and affordable means of transportation for everyone!

Types of motorcycles. ... [read more]

First of all, you need to determine what you need a motorbike for. If the goal is to feel the speed and get a shot of adrenaline, then of course you will need a sport bike. For long journeys, you`ll need a cruiser with a low seat and a vertical seat, which has several luggage racks and extra bags for things. The scooter (moped) is suitable for fast moving around the city, as well as in the countryside, depending on the engine size. As a rule, mopeds with an engine size of more than 125 cc are chosen for a trip along mountain serpentines. The convenience of a scooter lies in its small size, light weight and maneuverability when driving. A cross-country motorcycle is best suited for country off-road trips, overcoming forest or uneven landscape areas, but mainly serves to participate in cross-country motorcycle races.

Now renting a motorbike for many tourists is a cost-effective and technically the best option than renting a car. Motorcycle rental (mopeds, scooters, scooters, etc.) works in many cities around the world.

A moped, scooter or motorcycle is a very convenient type of two-wheeled vehicle. On a moped, every day, bypassing traffic jams, you can travel around the country, visiting various sights, change beaches, visit various cafes and restaurants in different places of the country, choose the place of your next stop and decide how long you want to stay there. There is no need for a special parking space for mopeds - it can be parked anytime, anywhere, even if all the parking spaces are occupied by cars. Also, renting a scooter or motorcycle, you save about 50% of your money on fuel. In addition, only on a motorcycle it is sometimes possible to visit such places that would not be accessible for driving by car.

And sometimes you just want to be alone with yourself, road and nature ... In a word, renting a moped, scooter or motorcycle is a great choice for a person who wants to spend his vacation the way he wants.

The advantages of renting a moped:

1. Convenient, easy and maneuverable type of transport.

2. You don`t depend on traffic jams.

3. The ability to ride for those who do not have a driver`s license (up to 50 cubic cm.).

4. Parking almost anywhere.

5. Minimum fuel consumption.

6. Visit the most inaccessible and hidden places where the car will not pass.

7. A lot of impressions, emotions and memories.

8. Romance of travel freedom.

Traveling on a scooter, moped, motor scooter or motorcycle gives the traveler an excellent chance to visit all sorts of unique, amazing, and sometimes hidden from human eyes, places that may not always be seen on excursions or when traveling by car. On a motorcycle or scooter, you can easily overcome traffic jams and congestion on main roads, you can easily travel along a bypass or an old mountain road and arrive at any desired point in time.

Traveling on a scooter, moped or motorcycle is difficult to compare, for example, with a trip by car or by bike, as each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Each person, going on a trip, depending on the country and situation, chooses for themselves the most appropriate type of transport. But, wherever you go on a scooter or on a motorcycle, it does not matter, you will no doubt get unforgettable impressions and sensations from the trip itself, and from the management of motorcycles. Riding a two-wheeled iron friend around the city, along the coast or along endless mountain serpentines with your friends or with your girlfriend sitting behind will give you a lot of unforgettable feelings and emotions.

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